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50Hz 60Hz AC Mini Inverter , Electric Motor Frequency Inverter AC Motor Speed

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50Hz 60Hz AC Mini Inverter , Electric Motor Frequency Inverter AC Motor Speed

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Product Details

220v single to 380v three phase variable frequency converter drive ac mini micro inverter 50hz 60hz ac motor speed
CONVO was the previous brand which was purchased by BOSCH REXROTH at 2006.
Then we create CANWORLD at 2010 for all industrial areas need VFD(variable frequency drive).
From 2014, we are focusing on international market and helping more and more dealers to get and develop their share of market.
Now CANWORLD is designing 4G VFD system based on cloud and mobile app.
We keep moving

Technical Specifications

Basic PerformanceRated InputThree-phase : 220/380V;
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Input voltage rangeVoltage fluctuation: -15%~10%;
Imbalance factor: less than 3%;
Voltage frequency: 47~63Hz
Control modeVF control; Open-loop vector control; Close-loop vector control
Frequency resolutionDigital setting: 0.01Hz;
Analog setting: 0.5% × maximum frequency
Maximum outputV/F control: 3500Hz; Vector control: 300Hz
Speed rangeVF control: 1:60; Vector control: 1:100
Carrier frequency0.5~16.0kHz(Model dependent). The carrier frequency can be automatically adjusted based on features of the load.
Start torque0.5Hz/150%*rated motor torque
Overload capacityG type: 150% rated current for 60s,180% rated current for 3s
L type: 120% rated current for 60s
Basic FunctionRun modeKeypad; Control terminals (two-line, three-line); Serial communication (RS485).The user can perform switch-over between these sources in various ways.
V/F curveStraight line type; Multiple point type; N-power type
Ramp curveStraight line or S curve; Four ramp times (range: 0.1s to 6000.0s)
Torque boostAutomatic/manual torque boost
Speed traceAll types have the function of the speed trace.
Motor brakingDC braking; Energy consumption braking; Magnetic braking
DC brakingBraking frequency: 0.00Hz to Maximum frequency;
Braking time: 0.0s to 100.0s;
Braking current: 0.0% to 100.0%*Rated motor current
Magnetic brakingFor occasions which have the request of fast stop or regenerative
loads, the function of magnetic braking can be used. The function
can avoid frequent protection due to over voltage.
CBC current limitingThe function of CBC current limiting is to minimize the fault of over
current and keep the normal running of the AC drive.
Overcurrent and overvoltage controlThe function is to restrict the current and voltage automatically
during running and avoid the frequent fault protection of over
current and over voltage.


Special FunctionsThe delay time of terminalsThe user can set the delay time for digital input terminals, digital output terminals and relays.The time range is 0.0s to 3000.0s.
JOG ControlControl mode: keypad, terminals and serial communication.
Frequency: 0.00Hz to Maximum frequency;
Ramp time: 0.1 to 6000.0s
Multiple speed and simple PLCBased on built-in PLC or digital input terminals, realize the
running of sixteen segments speed.
Two PID inside the parametersAs common PID, the closed-loop system of process control can be realized easily.
Fixed length and countThe AC drive can count the pulse signal of 0 to 100K Hz and realize
the control of count reaching by using digital output terminals.The drive can also convert the count into length for display and control.
Spinning and swing frequencyThe fixed swing magnitude, fixed mutations and fixed periodic output can be achieved at arbitrary frequency.
Timing controlTime range: 0 to 65000 hours.
The timing control can stop the AC drive.
Power loss ride throughWhen the power loss ride through happens, by decreasing the running frequency, the feedback energy of the load can compensate the voltage drop of the DC bus. As a result, the AC drive can keep running for a short time.
Peripheral terminalsReference power10V/30mA.
Usually, it is used for the power supply of analog input signals.
Control power24V/200mA.Usually, it is used for the power supply of digital input and output terminals.
Analog inputTwo analog input terminals, which have two types of voltage input and current input.
Every input terminal can support three types input signals: 0 to 10V, 0 to 20mA and -10V to 10V.
These two analog input terminals are programmable.
Analog outputTwo analog output terminals, which have two types of voltage output and current output.
Every output terminal can support two types output signals: 0 to 10V and 0 to 20mA.
These two analog output terminals are programmable.
Digital inputSix multi function digital input terminals are compatible with active PNP or NPN input mode. Among these six input terminals, the X6 terminal can be chosen as high-speed pulse input terminal and the range of the high-speed pulse is 0 to 100KHz. At the same time, the X6 terminal is programmable.
Digital outputThere are two open collect output terminals. Among them, Y2 terminal can be chosen as high-speed pulse output. These two output terminals are programmable.There are two relay output terminals.
Protection functionCommon typesInput and output phase loss protection,under voltage protection, over voltage protection,over current protection,over heat protection, over load protection,short-circuit protection, module fault, external fault, self-defining fault.
EnvironmentInstallation locationIndoor, free from direct sunlight, dust,drip, salt, oil smoke, water vapor, combustible gas and corrosive gas.
AltitudeIf the altitude is equal or lower than 1000 meters, the AC drive can be used normally.
If the altitude is higher than 1000 meters, it is necessary to de-rate the AC drive. The ratio of derating the AC drive is 1 percent for every increase of 100 meters.
If the altitude is higher than 3000 meters, please contact our agents.
Temperature-10℃ to +40℃.
If the ambient temperature is 40℃ to 50℃, please keep good ventilation and take the action of derating: The ratio of derating the AC drive is 3 percent for every increase of 1℃.
HumidityLess than 95%RH, without condensing.
VibrationLess than 0.6g
Storage temperature-25℃~+65℃


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