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Veson Valve Ltd.

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Veson Valve Ltd. is specialized in researching and manufacturing all kinds of pneumatic hydraulic actuators and valve operated with pneumatic, hydraulic valve science and technology enterprises, widely used in natural gas, oil, chemical, industry, metal smelting and paper making, printing, electric power, mining, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food and beverage, water treatment and are treatment and mechanical equipment and other industries, the company from its inception, insisting on the tenet of science and technology innovation, quality first, set up over the years acclaimed, is flow control engineering and automation equipment modification of choice for products.

Veson Valve Ltd. products include: VS series rack pinion rotary actuator, VSF scotch yoke pneumatic actuator and hydraulic actuator, liner cylinder, gas over oil actuator, actuated ball valves and actuated butterfly valves . Veson Valve Ltd. using high precision special machine tool processing, make the products not only varieties qi ,more specification, but also is beautiful, stable performance, torque, etc. Cylinder adopts the aluminum alloy extrusion tube, the surface hardness of the oxidation treatment, the hardness of the oxide film have reached the level of similar foreign, sports always have wear-resisting material support, greatly improving the service life. Veson Valve Ltd.products can be used in computer networking, alone or centralized control system, analog and switch quantity can apply two kinds of signal control.

At Veson Valve Ltd., we feel we can not only meet your expectations, but exceed them.

Our goal: to create first-class brand "brocade", at preferential prices, excellent after-sales service, warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to contact business, build establish long term relationship, technical resources sharing brocade pneumatic valve, expansion valve market both at home and abroad together.

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Company Name: Veson Valve Ltd.
Country: China
Website: http://www.veson-valve.com/