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Shanghai Veban Group CO.,LTD

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Address: Lido upstart building 21st floor

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Shanghai Veban Group CO.,LTD

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VEBAN GROUP manufactures a product line of high quality toothbrushes,oral hygiene products and dental products.
Our company was formed by industry professionals with 30 years of experience who were looking to bring new and innovative products to the marketplace.
Our unique designs, use of premium materials and processes enable us to provide our customers with versatile products that exceed their expectations.
Welcome to Veban Group toothbrushes.
The combination of our bristles and its active ingredients will leave your mouth feeling clean with fresh breath and your teeth smooth.
Veban is the best way to clean teeth away from home.
Our mission is to create a positive and inspiring movement to create a healthier lifestyle within Cosmetic Dentistry. We want our products to be fun, inspiring, and elicit confidence by bringing you a brighter and whiter smile. Whether you’re getting ready for a special event or simply looking for a more beautiful smile, treat yourself to White!
Designed by a dentist, Veban encourages users to proactively improve their preventative oral health care habits.
We have been satisfying distributors, wholesalers and agents from all over the world.


You can visit our website at www.veban.cn to select the specifications and models.

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Company Name: Shanghai Veban Group CO.,LTD
Country: china
Address: Lido upstart building 21st floor