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Buildings safty fire alarms Emergency Lights FM Battery Replacement (6v 2.8ah)

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Buildings safty fire alarms Emergency Lights FM Battery Replacement (6v 2.8ah)

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Buildings safty fire alarms Emergency Lights FM Battery Replacement (6v 2.8ah)

  1. The past 100 years have seen countless advances in public fire safety,buildings are more protected against potential fires than ever before.
  2. Emergency lights are one such innovation, providing a source of light in buildings whenever electricity fails,at the same time the emergency light batteries are widely accepted in many sections to back up these devices anytime,
  3. Because sealed lead acid battery,such as 6v 4ah model can provide stable and safe source of power for those emergency lighting systems,and make sure people can enjoy life safely.


  1. fire alarms, smoke detectors, evacuation plans, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems
  2. and other fire prevention and exit lamp devices.



 FM series
Model   Rating 
 Length Width HeightTotal Height
3FM1.261.20.27 ±10g0.6097.53.8424.50.96522.05572.24F175
3FM3630.68 ±20g1.50702.76471.851013.98106.54.19F187
3FM4A640.68 ±20g1.50
3FM4E640.63 ±20g1.39
3FM4640.74 ±20g1.62
3FM4B640.74 ±20g1.63
3FM4.564.50.78 ±20g1.72
3FM4.5A64.50.82 ±20g1.81
3FM4.5B64.50.75 ±20g1.65
3FM5650.87 ±20g1.92
3FM5A650.84 ±20g1.85
3FM6.566.50.97 ±20g2.14702.76471.85116.54.591264.96F187
3FM6.5A66.50.95 ±20g2.09
3FM7671.12 ±25g2.471515.94351.38943.701003.94F250/F187
3FM7.567.51.19 ±25g2.62
3FM106101.58 ±30g3.481505.91501.97943.701003.94F250
3FM10D6101.63 ±30g3.59
3FM126121.72 ±35g3.79
6FM1.2121.20.54 ±20g1.19983.86431.69532.09572.24F175
6FM21220.79 ±20g1.741776.97351.38612.40662.60F175
6FM2.3122.30.90 ±20g1.98
6FM2.6122.60.87 ±20g1.92702.76471.85983.861034.06F175
6FM2.6A122.60.84 ±20g1.85
6FM3.2123.21.27 ±20g2.801345.28672.64602.36652.56F187
6FM41241.44 ±35g3.18903.54702.761003.941054.13F187/F250
6FM4B1241.46 ±35g3.22
6FM4.5124.51.55 ±35g3.42
6FM4.5A124.51.60 ±35g3.53
6FM51251.72 ±35g3.79
6FM6.5S126.51.85 ±45g4.081505.91501.97943.701003.94F187
6FM71272.22 ±45g4.901525.98652.56943.071003.94F250/F187
6FM7A1272.05 ±45g4.52
6FM7E1271.93 ±45g4.26
6FM7D1272.21 ±45g4.87
6FM7S1272.01 ±45g4.43
6FM7.2A127.22.21 ±45g4.87
6FM7.2S127.22.12 ±45g4.67
6FM7.2C127.22.23 ±45g4.92
6FM7.5127.52.32 ±45g5.12
6FM9D1292.51 ±45g5.53
6FM9H1292.49 ±45g5.49
6FM1012103.25 ±70g7.171515.9498.53.88963.781013.98F250
6FM1212123.50 ±70g7.72
6FM12B12123.74 ±70g8.25
6FM1412143.76 ±70g8.29
6FM1712175.15 ±100g11.361817.13773.031676.571676.57L1
6FM2012205.62 ±100g12.39
6FM17M12175.15 ±100g11.361817.13773.031676.571676.57B1
6FM20M12205.62 ±100g12.39

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