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12v 45ah 46B24R rechargeable electric energy Lead Acid Car Batteries, automobile Battery

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12v 45ah 46B24R rechargeable electric energy Lead Acid Car Batteries, automobile Battery

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12v 45ah 46B24R rechargeable electric energy Lead Acid Car Batteries, automobile Battery

  1. Car battery 12v 45ah Lead-acid batteries for automotive use are made with slightly different construction techniques, depending on the application of the battery.
  2. The "flooded cell" type, indicating liquid electrolyte, is typically inexpensive and long-lasting, but requires more maintenance and can spill or leak.
  3. Flooded batteries are distinguished by the removable caps that allow for the electrolyte to be tested and maintained.
  4. More costly alternatives to flooded batteries are "valve regulated lead acid" VRLA batteries, also called "sealed" batteries.
  5. The absorbed glass mat (AGM) type uses a glass mat separator, and a "gel cell" uses fine powder to absorb and immobilize the sulfuric acid electrolyte.
  6. These batteries are not serviceable: the cells are sealed so the degree of charge cannot be measured by hydrometer and the electrolyte cannot be replenished.
  7. They are typically termed "maintenance-free" by proponents, or "unable to be maintained" by skeptics.
  8. Both types of sealed batteries may be used in vehicular applications where leakage or ventilation for vented gasses is a concern.
  9. The starting (cranking) or shallow cycle type is designed to deliver large bursts of power for a short time, as is needed to start an engine.
  10. Once the engine is started, the battery is recharged by the engine-driven charging system. Starting batteries are intended to have a low depth of discharge on each use.
  11. They are constructed of many thin plates with thin separators between the plates, and may have a higher specific gravity electrolyte to reduce internal resistance.


  1. An automotive battery is a type of rechargeable battery that supplies electric energy to an automobile.
  2. Usually this refers to an SLI battery (starting, lighting, ignition) to power the starter motor, the lights, and the ignition system of a vehicle’s engine



Himalaya-Maintenance Free Car Battery (JIS)
Model(JIS)DimensionsVoltageNominal Capacity CCA (A)Terminal LayoutTerminalWeight
L x W x H x T.H(mm)v C20 (Ah)-18oC  ( KG )
36B20RNS40MF200x130x200×2231236320 1B10.1
36B20LNS40LMF200x130x200×2231236320 0B10.1
46B24RNS60MF240x130x200×2201245420 1A12.4
46B24LNS60LMF240x130x200×2201245420 0A12.4
46B24RSNS60SMF240x130x200×2201245420 1B12.4
46B24LSNS60SLMF240x130x200×2201245420 0B12.4
55D23R 230*170*200*2211260500 1A14.8
55D23L 230*170*200*2211260500 1A14.8
48D26RN50MF260x170x200×2201250470 1A16.5
48D26LN50LMF260x170x200×2201250470 0A16.5
55D26RN50ZMF260x170x200×2201255500 1A17.4
55D26LN50ZLMF260x170x200×2201255500 0A17.4
65D26RN60MF260x170x200×2201260500 1A17.8
65D26LN60LMF260x170x200×2201260500 0A17.8
75D26RNS70MF260x170x200×2201265525 1A18.2
75D26LNS70LMF260x170x200×2201265525 0A18.2
80D26RNX110-5MF260x170x200×2201270535 1A18.8
80D26LNX110-5LMF260x170x200×2201270535 0A18.8
65D31RN70MF310x170x200×2201270580 1A19.5
65D31LN70LMF310x170x200×2201270580 0A19.5
95D31RNX120-7MF310x170x200×2201280680 1A21.2
95D31LNX120-7LMF310X170X200X2201280680 0A21.2
 55530RMF240*175*1751255450 0A14.8
 55530LMF240*175*1751255450 0A14.8
 75-60MF228*176*2051250425 0/14.8
 78-60MF258*176*2051260475 0/15.6
 58-430MF236*174*157*1771250415 1A15.2
 58-500MF236*174*157*1771250415 1A15.2
 65-5YR301*190*170*1901265488 1A21.4
65D31R+N70MF310x170x200×2201270600 1A21.2
95D31R+NX120-7MF310x170x200×2201280730 1A23.2
95E41RN100MF410x175x 205x 22512100830 1A24.2
95E41LN100LMF410x175x 205x 22512100830 0A24.2
 N100ZMF410x175x 205x 22512105840 1A25.2
 N110MF430x170x 210x 23012110850 1A26.6
115F51N120MF505x180x 210x 23512120860 3A31.4

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