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Durable ABS Plastic Vacuum Forming Machine Shell / Housing / Customzied Cover

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Durable ABS Plastic Vacuum Forming Machine Shell / Housing / Customzied Cover

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Product Details


ABS plastic Vacuum Forming Machine Shell, housing ,customzied cover


Selection material

1, ABS vacuum forming ,Acrylic vacuum forming,ASA vacuum forming,PMMA vacuum forming,PVC vacuum forming,PS vacuum forming,

PET vacuum forming,PP vacuum forming PC vacuum forming,PE vacuum forming etc.


2, ABS thick sheets vacuum forming,thick panel vacuum forming manufacturers selection material:ABS Vacuum forming,PS(HIPS)vacuum formed,

PP vacuum forming,PE(HDPE) vacuum formed ,PC vacuum forming ,PETG vacuum forming ,PVC vacuum formed,ABS/PMMA vacuum formed etc.


3, ABS thick sheets vacuum forming,,Thick panel vacuum forming supplier mainly products:thick vacuum formming,thick panel vacuum formed,Specail thick

vacuum formed,thick sheets vacuum formed,large vacuum forming,large thick vacuum forming etc.


4, ABS thick sheets vacuum forming,thick panel vacuum forming manufacturers,Application range:vacuum forming machine cover,vacuum forming display shelf,Vacuum forming trays,Vacuum forming pallets

Vacuum forming plastic wall panels,Vacuum formed panel,Large vacuum formed wall panel,Thick vacuum formed plastic cover,Vacuum formed medical equipment shell, Toy plastic cover vacuum forming,Variety of turnover trays.etc.


Product nameHot sale customized plastic vacuum forming thermoforming products
Plastic material

our typical plastic materials are




cosmetic display holder, display stand

Mold / Tooling

we usually make samples with wood or plaster tooling,

mass production with aluminum mold



Vacuum forming, thermoforming, CNC trimming and cutting, Drilling,

Welding, Heat bending etc


Surface finishing


Glossy, matt, texture, Silkscreen print , spray paint, plating, engraving, glue, sticker, assemble


Lead time

Tooling & mold: within 5 work days after confirm design drawing,

Sample: within 7 work days after approved mold,

Mass production: within 10~12 working days after sample approved.


Customized (Our max dimension can reach 4000x2000x800mm, Extremely adaptive to customer design needs, all kinds of parts customized)




Vacuum Forming Applications

Not every design or shape is suitable for vacuum forming but it remains the most cost effective and efficient method for processing the most diverse range of plastic processing applications. Formech vacuum forming machines are used by high profile customers such as Apple, Google, Disney, Bolshoi Ballet, Ford, Tesla, Ferrero Rocher, Nestle, Makita, Royal Air Force, Philips, Yale University, Dupont and many more across electronics, film & theatre, automotive, aerospace, confectionary, packaging, education and many more applications. The continually growing popularity of vacuum forming amongst these leading companies and institutions demonstrates the process remains the number one choice for a hugely diverse range of applications.


Vacuum Forming, 3D Printing & Injection Moulding

Every process is there for a good reason and usually each process occupies its own space within the complete manufacturing spectrum. Vacuum forming is a valid alternative to 3D printing and injection moulding when looking at the overall picture, taking into consideration tooling time and cost, complexity of the part required, finish, quantity and delivery time. When you consider all of these important aspects, it will become clear that vacuum forming, 3D printing and injection moulding all have a part to play.


For one-off prototypes of complex shapes 3D printing brings certain advantages over vacuum forming and most other processes by the ability to create a complete, finished component without design constraints and requirement for trimming.


At Formech we embrace 3D printing as a complementary process to vacuum forming for most design challenges. 3D printing brings new possibilities for creativity and versatility in tool design with cost effective and easy replication when used in conjunction with vacuum forming. Most of the world’s leading design labs utilise both techniques back to back.

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