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Bluetooth Ready Gps Car Tracker / Gps Tracking System / Obd Tracker Rs3000

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Bluetooth Ready Gps Car Tracker / Gps Tracking System / Obd Tracker Rs3000

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Bluetooth Ready Gps Car Tracker / Gps Tracking System / Obd Tracker Rs3000




Car tracker/OBDII tracker,bluetooth ready
kinds of digital, analog I/O
TF card record
CMOS camera


RS3000C is a multifunctional GSM/GPRS GPS car tracker,car alarm system to monitor various vehicle sensors with a variety of real-time activities and information about the car, including fuel consumption,temperature,axle load,JPEG photo etc. It is applicable to business car tracking, dispatching.



General Specification


  • Measurement  102x68x42mm, 550g

  • Cellular Modem  quadband GSM module    

  • Network    GSM, GPRS and SMS ; Voice  Headset Kit Available

  • Messages   SMS, Encrypted Protocol ; GPRS, TCP/IP over PPP

  • GPS module   Holux M89 or Royaltek REB-3571

  • I/O  Inputs  Emergency Button,2xLow Voltage Analog, 2xHigh Voltage Analog, ACC Status, Engine Status, Door Status, Brake Status, Remote controller signal, 2x A/D voltage input10bit digital,5V,12V,24V,30V optional)  Outputs  Oil and electricity control, sound/light alarm, Remote controller signal

  • Alarm System   Hijack alarm, Power discarding, GPS antenna shourt circuit, GPS antenna open circuit, GPS receiver failure, illegal ignition, illegal door-opening, Voltage Analog Input, Low battery voltage alarm, emergency brake, etc.

  • Serial Port   RS232   For connecting external intelligent devices such as vehicle computers, PDA and terminals with serial communication modules

  • Bluetooth ready support  data connection via bluetooth to OBD scan tool, tablet...

  • Backup Battery   internal, 12v, 300mAh, 40~90minutes 

  • TF card slot optional to save driving records, photo image taken by cameras



Key Features


Alarm System and Alarm Notification

  • Trigger-before-transmit Option to start the alarm before sending a transmission, to avoid false alarms from owner.

  • Backup Battery  Backup battery is included on board to detect and keep transmitting information in case of main power failure.

  • Flexible define to alarms and alarm trigger mode customer can configure which alarm and the alarm trigger mode, like how does an analog input change and how long, when to trigger alarm. 

  • Gradual Stop  Option to gradually stop the vehicle by using an external relay over the fuel pump. The parameters to set the gradual delay and pulses speed are all programmable.

  • Siren Disabling Option to avoid the use of the siren when the alarm is triggered.

  • Emergency Button Support for emergency button to invoke an immediate high-priority

  • transmission to the center.

  • Forbid to alarm Any alarm can be forbidden separately. Then RS3000 wont initiate the alarm even the corresponding status occurs. 



Location&vehicle statues


  • GPS Indications GPS indications sent to the center includes the time of the last valid location, and current operating mode of the GPS.

  • Miles by GPS Advanced algorithm to calculate the vehicle's mileage based on the GPS, without any external connections to the vehicle's odometer.

  • vehicle status kinds of analog signal input to detect vehicle statues, 2 voltage A/D input to kinds of impulse sensors to measure temperature, axle load, fuel level…. And realtime upload to server. 



Over-The-Air commands


  • Status Requests Ability to request for the latest status of the vehicle, and receives the entire information about all the inputs, outputs, and location information.

  • Tracking Option to remotely engage periodic transmissions from the unit in the intervals of 3 seconds up to 4 hours.

  • TCP/UDP Tracking Option to track the vehicle with a very high frequency of transmissions only when the vehicle is on the TCP/IP network GPRS/EDGE), to reduce SMS costs.

  • Parameters Programming Complete programming of each and every one of the unit's parameters over the air.

  • Output State Changing Option to remotely activate different outputs, such as locking/locking the doors, starting the siren, activating the immobilizer.

  • Voice Call Request Request the unit to call a specific number for a voice call to communicate with the driver and/or hear the activity inside the vehicle.

  • Text Messaging Send a text message directly to the vehicle's MDT or Palm Pilot.

  • SMS to assigned No. request the device to send a SMS to a phone No, the message content and phone No are assigned in the command flexibly 



Fleet Management


  • Speed restrictions Programmable alerts whenever the vehicle goes above/below a pre-defined speed, to detect over hastiness, and unauthorized stops.

  • Perimeter Alerts  Alert when the vehicle enters or leaves a designated area at a specified time.

  • Emergency Brake Alert when the vehicle’s speed drop per second) is bigger than a specified value.

  • Inputs Monitoring Ability to send an alert if an input is changes within a specified time.

  • Internal Logging Whenever a transmission was failed to be sent,  save the entire message to its memory for later transmission. The data can be read from center or by computer via RS232.

  • Driver Identification and logon data  save the driver’s logon and logout information to its Flash.

  • Driver Fatigue report to the center and alarm the driver when driver has driven continuously over designated time

  • Driving Record Save the locations and vehicle status so the center read it later for analysis. Also you can set conditions to start record, like TCP disconnected, speed being not ‘0’.

  • Mileage Transmissions Periodic mileage transmissions to the center. 





  • GSM/GPRS using both SMS channel and GPRS channels, also SMS on GPRS, Voice calls.

  • OTA Settings Modification change the communication settings, including APN/Username/Password/SMS Center/SMS Destination and target IPs.

  • Backup IP and SMS Center  Backup IP and SMS Center support in case of main computer has gone offline.

  • TCP Connectivity Support for GPRS TCP/IP networks by either staying online at all times, or coming online when a transmission is initiated.

  • Compressed Mode Configurable many locations can be saved to be sent in one message, thus reducing the communication costs.

  • GPRS Economic Mode  Working in economic mode,RS3000B1 auto-report through UDP and TCP using a bigger interval to decrease GPRS network flow.



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