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Shenzhen Santakups Electronic Co.,Ltd.

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Address: 18/F , BLD 3,Tongjian Massion,Shennan Middle Road,Futian District,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China

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Shenzhen Santakups Electronic Co.,Ltd.

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Shenzhen Santakups Electronic Co.,Ltd.  was founded in 1998, a leading provider of power protection products with ISO 9001 certificate. Santakups designs, manufactures, markets and services UPS systems and SOLAR systems for end user, business and industry, from PCs to minicomputers, LANs, WANs, cash register/POS systems, office telecommunication equipment and global communication networks. In addition, Santakups offers a complete line of power monitoring and shutdown software for most of operating systems including both UPS/INVERTR and SOLAR monitoring systems.

Santakups is keenly expanding to provide its customers with better and better complete power solution worldwide. Investing twice as much as our competitors into research and development provides a steady stream of innovative new products. Santakups's UPS products range from the low-cost stand-by UPSs and line-interactive to true on-line series. Compact and user friendly design and above average run time is incorporated into the design of all Santakups products.  On the other hand, Santakups also develop full range of solar products from top stream to down stream.. Most of our products are certified to FCC & CE standards.

Hot Products

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Quick Details 1. Capacity(VA/W): 1000VA/700W, 2000VA/1400W, 3000VA/2100W 2. Frequency Range: 40-60HZ...
Quick Details: 1.Voltage Range:120VAC 2.Output Voltage:120VAC 3.Frequency Range:40-60HZ(adjustable) ...
Quick Details: 1. Input Voltage Range: 115-300VAC 2. Output Voltage: 208/220/230/240VAC 3. LED ...
3C10KS - 3C20KS Three Phase High Frequency Online UPS with RS 232 / USB Parallel Units with a Single ...
Pure Sine Wave High Frequency Online UPS 3C10KS, 3C15KS, 3C20KS with Three Phase Parallel Units with ...

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Company Name: Shenzhen Santakups Electronic Co.,Ltd.
City: shenzhen
Province: guangdong
Country: china
Address: 18/F , BLD 3,Tongjian Massion,Shennan Middle Road,Futian District,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China