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RT-5 Hydraulic 5 Ton Underground Low Profile Dump Truck for Railway Tunneling

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RT-5 Hydraulic 5 Ton Underground Low Profile Dump Truck for Railway Tunneling

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Product Details

RT-5 Hydraulic 5 Ton Underground Low Profile Dump Truck for Railway Tunneling




RT-5 underground mining truck mainly used in underground mines, power system use DEUTZ engine, the transmission system with DANA hydraulic torque converter and power shift transmission, convenient operation, driving stable. Braking system uses spring brake, hydraulic lift brake, safe and reliable.


Our Equipment and Plant:

Main Parameters:


Dimension (tramming):5600mm×1400mm×2000mm
Bucket Capacity(SAE):2.5m³
Operating Weight:6500 kg
Rated Loading Capacity:5000 kg
Axle weights without load

Front Axle: 4000 kg

Rear Axle: 2500 kg

Axle weights with load

Front Axle: 5700 kg

Rear Axle: 5800 kg

Driving Speeds Forward and Reverse

First Gear: 0~4.7 km/h

Second Gear: 0~10.0 km/h

Third Gear: 0~18.4 km/h

Bucket motion times

Raising Time: 7s

Lowering Time: 5s

Max. traction force60KN
Discharging Angle:65°
Wheel Base:3230mm
Rear Axle Oscillation Angle:
Min. Off-ground Clearance:240mm
Max. Grade ability:25%
Min. Steering Radius

Outer: 5180mm/

Inner: 3410mm

Max. Steering Angle:± 42 °


Main Confugurations:

Diesel Engine

Manufacturer: DEUTZ

Model: D914L04

Rated Power: 58KW@2300rpm

Features: Air-Cooled

Hydraulic Torque Converter

Manufacture: DANA

Model: RT1201FT20321

Features: The power train with integral converter and modulated 3-speed shifting in both forward and reverse.

Drive Axle

Manufacture: KSQ Technologies Co, Ltd.

Model: UK05



Manufacture: China Tyre Company

Model: 10.00-20

Electric System


Batteries: 12VX2 80Ah

Sensors: Fuel/Oil level sensors, Sensors of service, steering, brake system, Limit Sensor

Alarm: Low oil level warning/

Oil pressure warning



Features: 1. ROPS/FOPS approved

Adjustable Spring Cushioned Seat with Three Points Belt

Hydraulic System


Components: Servicing system, steering system, braking system, fill oil system

Braking System


Components:Model: Service/Parking/Emergency brake

Features: These brakes are the Spring Applied, Hydraulically Released type, with fully enclosed, multiple wet discs that are at each wheel end.



Warranty Period:

1 year (or 12 months, 2000 working hours, whichever comes first) it begins from the day that the machines are delivered to the customer. During the warranty period, we will provide free accessories if the damage is caused by our quality problems, but we can’t guarantee the wearing parts if the damage is caused by improperly operated or other man-made reasons.



• Underground Mining

• Hydropower Tunneling

• Roadway/Railway Tunneling

• Can be utilized as a multi-role equipment with various attachments (i.e. shotcrete robot arm)


Our underground mining equipment also covers:
(1) Underground Loader: 0.6 cbm - 6 cbm
(2) Underground Truck: 5 tons - 30 tons
(3) Drilling jumbo (face drilling rig): 4 m2 - 100m2
(4) Scaling Jumbo: 4 m2 - 100 m2

(5) Utility Vehicle: Underground personnel carrier, Material transport vehicle, Scissors lifter vehicle, Arm lifter vehicle, Oil tank vehicle, Maintenance vehicle, Explosive transport vehicle, Underground crane


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