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Radio Frequency Identification RFID Inlays Ultrasonic Plastic Welder With Digital Generator

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Radio Frequency Identification RFID Inlays Ultrasonic Plastic Welder With Digital Generator

Country/Region china
City & Province zhejiang
Categories Bag Making Machinery Parts

Product Details

Embedding Various Shappes of Coils Antenna Around Different Layouts





1.This machine is designed for embedding or implanting the copper wire onto INLAY middle sheets as per the designed track with advanced ultrasonic technology.

2.It is well known as the most reliable and economical machines in INLAY sheet production.

3.Mitsubishi 3-axis servo control and MOXA motion control system are applied in the control system to ensure high position precision.

4.The antenna shape and size can be easily designed in AUTOCAD software.

5.The special worktable design is available to ensure that various sheet layout (3×8/4×8/5×5) can be embedded in the same machine.

6.The antenna embedding applies the advanced ultrasonic technology in order to ensure good embedding result and high efficiency.




Power AdjustingStep or continuous
SwitchHandle , foot switch,or linked outside
Working Time control0-999seconds
GeneratorDigital generator
Cable5M, national standard
The threading holeØ0.3m or design according to customers' need
Cooling down methodCompressed air
Outer housingaluminium or nylon





Radio frequency identification (RFID) inlays are manufactured throughout the world for many purposes: biometric passports, the contactless smart card market (e-ID, electronic healthcare cards, payment cards, public transportation), and for dual interface applications. At the same time, wire-embedded high frequency (HF) RFID antennas are available and offer a number of advantages over printed, etched, or galvanized variations.

Among others, the ability to freely select shapes is enticing for card and passport manufacturers, since this can lead to competitive advantages. Further benefits, such as environmental friendliness, durability, and improved product quality, also should be mentioned.


Ultrasonic Inlay Sheet Antenna Embedding Machine
Smart card manufacturing equipment macnine
IC card production equipment machine
Contactless IC card production equipment machine



Competitive Advantage:


The amplitude can be adjusted to ensure the RFID embedding stability;

· High frequency, reach to 70khz, welding more smoothly;

· Ultrasonic system design precision is very high, good customer feedback;

· In particular, digital power supply design, has been in a leading position in the ultrasonic industry;

· Automatically tracks frequency and has a very wide frequency range that extends the life of the ultrasonic units.

· Cabinet type, can control 3/4/5 burying heads to work at the same time

· touch screen control or external PLC control, easier operation

· 20%-100% energy continuously adjustable on the line, used in all sizes of smart card embedding applications

· wear-resistant titanium alloy tool head, suitable for 0.05-0.2 mm copper wire

· light body design, beautiful and durable, good heat dissipation

· 24-hour work, uniform energy output

· Suitable for high-speed embedding applications, embedding twice the speed of 60K devices



Embedding Various Shappes of Coils Antenna Around Different Layouts












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