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Rotary Ultrasonic Hybrid Machining Process For Hard Brittle Ceramics Composites

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Rotary Ultrasonic Hybrid Machining Process For Hard Brittle Ceramics Composites

Country/Region china
City & Province zhejiang
Categories Cap Making Machinery

Product Details

Rotary Ultrasonic Hybrid Machining Process For Hard Brittle Ceramics Composites


Technical Parameters:


Amplitude: 10um or more;

Max Speed: 30000 RPM

Matching tool: carbide end mill head Φ2-Φ13; disk cutter Φ50;drilling hear Φ1~6

Power: 500W


Frequency20 Khz/40khz 
Output Power500 W
Voltage220 V
SwitchHandle or foot switch
Power AdjustingStep or continuous
Working Time Control24 Hours
Weight30 KG
ApplicationUltrasonic drilling,milling grinding
GeneratorDigital Generator
Length of cable5M



Ultrasonic Machining


Rotary ultrasonic machining (RUM) is a mechanical type of nontraditional hybrid machining process that has been utilized potentially to machine a wide range of latest and difficult-to-machine materials, including ductile, hard and brittle, ceramics, composites, etc. In RUM, the basic material removal phenomenon of ultrasonic machining (USM) and conventional diamond grinding amalgamates together and results in higher material removal rate (MRR), improved hole accuracy with superior surface finish. In the current article, several investigations carried out in the domain of RUM for enormous materials have been critically reviewed and reported. It also highlights several experimental and theoretical ensues of RUM to improve the process outcomes and it is reported that process performance can be substantially improved by making the right selection of machine, diamond tooling, material and operating parameters. In recent years, various investigators have explored umpteen ways to enhance the RUM process performance by probing the different factors that influence the quality attributes.


Machining process


The vibration enables an abrasive fluid to be projected onto the part. This fluid is purposely injected at a very high frequency between the tool and the part to be machined and results in the machining of the material due to the rubbing of the abrasive on the part. The efficiency and quality of the machining then depend upon the following parameters : abrasive quality and content, tool grade, machining speed, vibration range.


Competitive Advantages:


  • Capability to machine such fragile materials as silica since there is no contact between the tool and the part
  • Capability to machine such hard materials as boron carbide, silicon carbide, silicon nitride
  • Machining of such peculiar shapes as square or hexagonal holes even in very small dimensions - less than 1 mm
  • Drilling of long holes - ratio diameter-to-length greater than 10 for small diameters
  • This machining technique also makes it possible to carry out usual drilling operations of small diameter holes - about 0.4 mm.


Rotary Ultrasonic Hybrid Machining Process For Hard Brittle Ceramics Composites






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