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Ultrasonic Cell crusher With 20khz 1000w Ultrasonic Sound Generator

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Ultrasonic Cell crusher With 20khz 1000w Ultrasonic Sound Generator

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20khz 1000w Ultrasonic Cell Cell crusher  used for high-tech reaseach



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20khz 1000w Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor:

The ultrasonic cell disruptor is made up of two parts: ultrasonic generator and transducer, the former transiting 50KHz 220V into 20KHz as power supply to the latter. Zirconium-titanium acid barium piezoelectric vibrator is the heart of transducer, which works telescopic elastic deformation at a frequency of 20KHz according to alternating voltage and, accordingly, the transducer responds by portrait mechanical vibration. The vibration wave via a Ti alloy amplitude bar, which is soaked in the biological solution, produces cavitation effect and dries biological particles in the medium librating hard.

Ultrasonic Cell crusher With 20khz 1000w Ultrasonic Sound Generator





20khz 1000w  Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor:

The ultrasonic cell disruptor can be used to smash animal or plant cells, bacteria, gemma or tissue or scatter rare earth and various kinds of inorganic mineral powder. It is an ideal device to speedup chemical, biological or physical reactions, and degass liquid.

The ultrasonic cell disruptor can prepare emulsoid of 1/100 micron, homogenize mixture hard to be mixed polymerize some matters and separate out some other. Generally speaking, it can process various functions such as distillation, smash, emulsification, homogenization, soliquoid, aberrance, aerosol, quicken up exsolution and crystallization and preparing different kinds of biological samples under an electron microscope.





20khz 1000w Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor:

It is widely used in the fields of ultrasonic cleaning, biochemistry, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. In biochemistry industry, the tubular transducer equipment can be used for emulsification, separation, homogenization, refining and catalyzing reaction and it can increase production capacity. The tubular transducer equipment plays an important role in the even stirring of homogenates in food processing. In the chemical industry, it is suitable for cleaning pipeline, tanks and kettles. The catalyzing effect of ultrasonic is quite obvious when the tubular transducer equipment used in the refinement of scavenge oil and palm oil to biodiesel, as the efficiency can be improved more than tenfold. Therefore, it will have expansive applications in the petro-chemical industry.





20khz 1000w Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor:








Competitive Advantage of 20khz 1000w Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor:


◊ High efficiency

◊ High amplitude:

◊ Good heat resistance

◊ Good construction:


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