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Digital Tank Ultrasonic Fuel Level Meter 2.5m Remote Monitoring for Diesel Gasoline Kerosene

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Digital Tank Ultrasonic Fuel Level Meter 2.5m Remote Monitoring for Diesel Gasoline Kerosene

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Product Details

Remote Monitoring GPS Digital Tank Fuel Level Sensor for Diesel Gasoline Kerosene

1. Introduction


This Ultrasonic Fuel level meter lpg level sensor has a wide range of application,it can be used for all kinds of liquid,such as water,oil,car using gasoline,diesel,bio diesel,and also can be used for solid,such as cement level sensor, it can be applied to many different places,such as small tanks,atmospheric tanks,process tanks,small container,pump station,waste water tanks,etc.
If used with GPS, it could be known its location and it can send the data or alarms through GPS.

2. BI-ULM Features

  • Bottom-mounted
  • Easy to Install and Configure
  • Safety: No Broken and Drilling on the Container
  • Various ranges to 5meters (If the measurement range is more than 5meters, it can be customized)
  • 9-36V Power Supply
  • RS-232 serial Data Interfaces(RS485 optional)
  • LoRa, LoRaWan, NB-IOT and M-BUS Wireless Output are Optional
MountingGlued at the Bottom Tank
Maximum Range2500mm
Optimum Range2500mm
Power Supply9-36V DC
Cable, 6.5feet (2meters)4-wire
Working Temperature-40℉~+140℉ (-40℃~60℃)
Extra GPRS/GPS Tracker
PGGPRS Platform
Extra LoRa Communication
RLoRa FunctionCustomized
CRLoRa ConcentratorCustomized
Extra LoRaWan Communication
WLoRaWan FunctionCustomized

LoRaWAN Concentrator

Extra NB-IOT Communication
NNB-IOT ModuleCustomized
Extra Bluetooth Communication
BBluetooth ModuleCustomized

3. Why Choose Bottom-mounted Ultrasonic Level Meter?
A. Non-contact measurement helps more security and convinient installment and maintain
The BI-ULM is installed at the bottom of the tank, without contact with the detect liquid, which makes it safety and convinient on operation.
B. Comparitive Advantages of BI-ULM from CNIRHurricane

  • High accuracy & Sensitivity
  • It requires non-contact with the measurment objectives
  • It provides continuous level measurement.
  • No Cutting & No Risk of Leakge:Mounted at the outside of the containner without any cuttings, detect the distance/liquid level by ultrasound transit-time to measure "clean liquid".

  • No Future Maintenance:As there is no moving parts and no cutting, the BI-ULM ultrasonic level meters won’t require bigger maintenance normally. It saves huge money and time.

4. Liquids could be measured by BI-ULM:

  • Fuel
  • Oil
  • LPG
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Diesel
  • Petrol
  • any other pure liquids

The BI-ULM be installed outside of the containner/tanks to measure the liquid level inside the containner.
5. FAQ
(1). Who is the manufacturer of the BI-ULM Ultrasonic Level Meter?
ULM is manufactured by CNIRHurricane corp which focus on R&D Ultrasonic Instruments more than 13years. BI-ULM is one of their hot selling models.
(2). What is the maximum measurement distance of the BI-ULM?
Different models with different maximum measurement distance. BI-ULM-01 with maximum distance 1meter for some liquids. Please contact us for confirm as the measurement distance will be different in different liquids.
If you want to measure them more than 1meters, we have BI-ULM-03, BI-ULM-05 and other customized models for optional 
(3). What's the appication of the Ultrasonic Level Meters?

  • Static Fuel Tank
  • Fuel Tank on Vehicle
  • Agriculture
  • Utilities
  • Environment
  • Logistics
  • Smart Cities
  • Industrial
  • and others



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