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Is located southeast Zhejiang Province the coastal marine garden city---- jade ring. The transportation is convenient, north depends on Shanghai, Ningbo Port, south continually Wenzhou, has the national two levels of ports, the barley islet ports has the navy, army , air forces three-dimensional pipeline.

Is and the international standard project machinery , the automobile fitting meets the prime specialized manufacture enterprise. The company through absorbs the talented person in recent years, the unceasing technological innovation, the product has the American automobile manufacture association standard [ SAEJ514, SAEJ1453 ] carries on the production , the material takes shape with the American standard 1045# steel integral type pressure forging, the machine capability was good, overcomes the welding -like shortcoming to conform to the outward appearance and the practical request.

The product has 90, 45, the bend, goes nonstop to, the Three Contacts, the tubing cross, the specification from 2#------24#, the product main application in the hydraulic pressure uniform flux body system. Our sincere hope can cooperate with you, altogether creates magnificently

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ITEM P/N A (THREAD) B (NPTF) JJ FLATS M1 M2 1 FS2503-04-02 9/16-18 1/8-27 0.562 0.630 0.640 2 FS2503...
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ITEM P/N A C G K 1 FS0304-04 0.502 0.402 0.157 0.340 2 FS0304-06 0.620 0.522 0.177 0.370 3 FS0304-08 ...
ITEM P/N A1(THREAD) A2(THREAD) A3(THREAD) A4(THREAD) JJ FLATS M1 M2 M3 M4 1 FS2650-04-04-04-04 9/16...

Company info

City: Taizhou
Province: Zhejiang
Country: China
Address: Motorcycle Industry Yuhuan Zhejiang P.C317602
Website: http://www.tzzhq.com/