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TAIXI Electric Co.,Ltd

TAIXI Electric Co.,Ltd

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TAIXI Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in two thousand and two years, after ten years of careful manufacturing, production and development, and concentrated business and determined to expand it has become one of the most important manufacturer of low-voltage electrical components. The company mainly produces miniature circuit breakers, earth leakage circuit breakers, molded case circuit breakers, over-voltage protection, surge protector, modularization socket, electromagnetic leakage circuit breaker, shunt trip, isolating switches, AC contactor , distribution boxes, meter boxes, control and protection switch, dual power supplies and other products. Production, processing, research and development, trade, sales in a modern integrated enterprise. It's products are widely used, hydropower, thermal power, transmission and distribution, construction, urban and rural power grids and other ancillary items.
CITY ZHEJIANG PROVINCE CHINA     Business Model     Production
Use the right type     Own property     Site area     260 m2
Period of use     1982-01-01 to 2083-12-31
Company Name     TAIXI ELECTRIC CO., LTD     Registered Address     China Shanghai Hui Wu Town Village 7 groups
Registered Capital     500,000 yuan     Date of establishment     April 15, 2002
Registration No.     310120001395962     Legal representative     Guogui Chen
Registration authority     Shanghai Administration for Industry Bureau     Business Type
    Limited Liability Company
Operating period     2001-04-15 to 2022-04-14     Inspection time     2013 (most recent)
Business     Manufacturing, wholesale and retail of low-voltage electrical appliances, electrical equipment. wholesale, retail of mechanical equipment, electronic switches, circuit cry, auto parts, motorcycle parts . [Involving administrative licensing business, with operating license]     Applicant Information     Name: Aijing Chen
Department: Manager's Office
Position: Director of the Office

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Company info

Company Name: TAIXI Electric Co.,Ltd
City: Wenzhou
Province: Zhejiang
Country: China
Address: shangzhai Industrial area liushi town wenzhou city zhejiang
Zip: 325604
Website: http://www.txele.com/