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outdoor RS485 Professional Swing Barrier barrier Gates for bank, seabeach

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outdoor RS485 Professional Swing Barrier barrier Gates for bank, seabeach

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outdoor RS485 Professional Swing Barrier barrier Gates for bank, seabeach
1.High perfermance
2.Fine quality
3.Factory price
4. Professional after-sale service


Swing Barrier Gate Model SEWO 5316


SEWO-5316 intelligent pedestrian gate is adopted industrial components. Reading and writing system with rigorous arithmetic, had been checked many times. We control the quality in the whole process. It is stably operate at the average of more than1 million no trouble. It successfully controls and manages the coming in and going out of the staff.




1. Equipment appearance is made of stainless steel plate with cold bending technology, no clearance welding. It is beautiful modeling and rust-proof and durable.
2. The appearance is like a ship with stainless material .
3. The material of the whole case is stainless, and the width is 2mm.
4. There is night light alarm device on the wing gate.

5. The material of the wing gate is transparent glass pane. And you can freely set logo on it. With the matched night light device, they combined a beautiful view.
6. Adopted 6 pairs infrared device or light curtain to stop following, distinguishing direction, preventing hurt, and alarm function .

7. With UPS battery in itself, when the power cut off suddenly, it close automatic.
8. Humanized status identification can distinguish the status of the equipment operation.
9. Adopted the standard electrical interface, this system can integrated many reader of magnetic card, the bar code card, ID card, IC card in this equipment.
10. This system has the emergency measures to ensure the channel unimpeded, for staff evacuation in time.
11. The standard outward electric interface can be connected with many kinds of card readers and realize remote control and management through running the computer.
12. The whole system is running steadily with low noise.
13. If in the low temperature area, the equipment will add warming device.


Technical parameters:

power voltage: AC220±10% V,50HZ
drive motor: DC motor24V/100W
working temperature: -30°C~+70°C
relative humidity≤90%,non-condensing
input interface: 12V level signal or pulse width>100ms 12Vpulse signal
drive current: >200mA
communication interface: RS485 standard
communication distance: ≤1200m
maximum width: 1150mm
passing speed: ≤15people/min
time of gate opening or closing: 1.5s(adjustable)
overall dimension: L1970*W280*H950mm
structure: frame structure/standard stainless steel outer skin
beam turning direction: bi-directional passing or single way passing
work environment: indoor, outdoor





Swing barrier model Sewo 5316 is your ideal choice for entrance control and widely applied in:Community, bank, seabeach, shopping center and so on. 


Other place:

1. Industrial zones

2. Administrative buildings

3. Recreation centers

4. Amusement parks

5. Financial institutions

6.Government agencies

7. Airports

8. Bus and railway stations 

9. Offices.



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