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Zhuzhou Gingte Cemented Carbide Co.,LTD

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Zhuzhou Gingte Cemented Carbide Co.,LTD

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    Zhuzhou Gingte Cemented Carbide Co.,Ltd was founded in 2011,is a professional Manufacturer which producing cemented carbide products. Gingte Specializes in the manufacture and sales of various types of cemented carbide dies,plates,disc cutter,mining tools,cutting tools,wear parts and customized items etc by customer's requirements. The products have been widely used in industries like cars,defense reform,metallurgy,engineering and mining machinery,chemicals,light industry,home appliances,microelectronics and so on.



    The company has standard individual management structure and complete management team, it has passed the accreditation of ISO9001:2015 international Quality Management System. The brand has high visibility and influence in this industry, especially with cemented carbide disc cutter that has taken over central position in domestic market.Products from development,powder mixing,production,finish machining,testing etc all completed independently,provided good quality and exquisite technique for oversea manufacturer and local tungsten carbide enterprise.Since the company established, the company have kept introducing new technology, recruiting senior personnel, and updating the equipment. Up to now, company has 2 senior consultants,20 professional technical talents, the department consist of domestic sales department, international sales department, raw material workshop, mould designing department, Oil pressing department, TPA pressing department, finishing department, analysis and test department, with annual production capacity of over 400 tons.

    "Do earnestly,fast, and keep the pledge" that people in Gingte will continue to carry such work style to create more benefit for enterprise, bring staff with more interest, supply customer with more values and increase the wealth for society.



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Company Name: Zhuzhou Gingte Cemented Carbide Co.,LTD
Country: china