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10 tons Custom Electric Traveling Overhead Cranes with Single Beam or Double Beam EOT Crane for Sale

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10 tons Custom Electric Traveling Overhead Cranes with Single Beam or Double Beam EOT Crane for Sale

Country/Region china
City & Province xinxiang henan
Categories Pharmaceutical Machinery Parts

Product Details

10 tons Custom Electric Traveling Overhead Cranes with Single Beam or Double Beam EOT Crane for Sale


Brief Description of Electric Overhead Traveling Double Girder Overhead Crane EOT Crane:

Double Girder overhead industrial crane is characterized by strong bearing, big span, and overall stability with various models, but their quality is better compared with single girder gantry crane with the same capacity. They are available with load capacities up to 50T and with spans up to 35 m. Articulated end carriage joints ensure positive contact of all four wheels with the track. The range of fixing arrangements allows the appropriate integration of double girder travelling cranes into new buildings as well as into existing buildings. Just as with all other types of double girder travelling cranes, the profiles of the main girder are optimally produced using computers so that maximum performance with a minimum of dead-weight can be achieved. An advantage that has financial benefits.

Double Girder Bridge Cranes are most frequently used where capacities from 10 tons to 550 tons and/or spans of 10.5 meters to 31.5 meters are needed. They can be utilized at any capacity where extremely high hook lift is required because the hook can be pulled up between the girders. Double Girder Bridge Cranes are often used where high speeds and heavy service are required, or where the crane needs to be fitted with walkways, crane lights, cabs, magnet cable reels or other special equipment.


Double girder overhead crane with hoist are widely used in the following applications:

1. Light duty cranes for repair shops, light assembly operations, service buildings, light warehouses, where service requirements are infrequent.

2. Medium duty cranes for machine shops and general industrial use both indoor and outdoor application.

3. Extra heavy duty cranes for steel mills and other heavy machine shops, steel warehouses, heavy fabrication shops, paper mills etc. with magnet and bucket operation for scrap yards, fertilizer plants & induction furnace.

4. Extra heavy duty cranes for steel mills and other heavy engineering purposes. Cranes designed for hot metal application on request.


Different types of double girder overhead crane:
· Double girder overhead crane with hoist
1.used together with electric hoist trolley
2.lifting capacity is up to 32 ton
3.span is 25.5 meters
4.working temperature is -25℃ to + 40℃
5.tight dimensions,low building headroom,light dead weight and light wheel load
6.applicable to workshop,warehouse,goods yard and power station,as well as light textiles and food industry
7.work duty is light and medium
8.operating on floor and in the cabin
· Doubel girder overhead crane with trolley
1.used in mechanic processing workshop, subsidiary workshop of metallurgical mills, warehouses, goods yard and power station.
2.Lifting capacity is up to 550t
3.span is 10.5-31.5m
4.tight dimension, low building headroom, light dead weight and light wheel load
5.operated in the driver's cabin
6.work duty is heavy
· Double girder overhead crane with grab
1.used with electric winch trolley
2.lifting capacity is 5 to 20 tons
3.span is 10.5~31.5m.
4.working temperature is -25℃ to + 40℃
5.used in port,factory,workshop and power plant
6.work duty is heavy
7.applicable to grab the accumulation of grain materials
8. simple structure,reliable run
· Doubel girder overhead crane with electromagnet
1.used in metallurgy and mechanism factory load and unload metallic materials such as steel plate, scrap iron
2.capacity is up to 32 ton
3.span is 10.5-31.5m
4.consists of bridge, crane traveling mechanism, trolley, electric equipment and electromagnetic chuck.
5.widely used with strong and permanent magnetic force to lift materials with high efficiency.
· Double girder overhead crane for steel mills
1.Wide use in steel plant, smelting workshop, metallurgy plant
2.capacity is up to 320t
3.span is 19-28.5m
4.Working temperature: -10~60℃
5.Thermal-protective coating is added at the bottom of the main girder
6.High working efficiency, commfortable and safe operation
7.Low maintenance, low cost maintenance



Design features include:


Compact dimensions, low weight, easy to operate and easy to maintain, modular design with direct fits between components


Bridge Girder, End carriages, Crab Frame manufactured from box plate design / Rolled Sections. If required 100% radiography of all butt welding joints of bridge and end carriages can be provided.


SANTO Crane uses sturdy cylindrical/ conical rotor pole-changing motors with elegant continuous cast aluminum sections, integrated safety brakes insulation class F, IP54 protection.

VFD (Variable Frequency Drives) & Remote Controls:

We also offer Variable Frequency Drive in hoisting, cross travel, long travel for stepless speed control as an optional feature. We also provide radio remote control cranes for application in inaccessible and hazardous areas.


Failsafe magnetic or hydraulic brakes of 150% torque or more are fitted on shaft extensions. For heavy duty cranes a second brake can be mounted to ensure failsafe operation.


Pendant control from floor, master control switches, master controllers in the driver's cabin can be provided. Radio remote control can be provided on request.


Modular design, covering a very wide operating range. The systems are designed for ease of installation and maintenance and reliable operation, with fuseless circuitry, ducted wiring and non-screwed terminals. Each drive group is equipped with a motor overload protection device to provide effective protection against inadmissible overloading.


Every component & part is thoroughly scrubbed & painted with two coats of primer before assembly & two coats of synthetic enamel after testing.


To prevent over hoisting & over lowering of hook.



Technical Parameters of Electric Traveling Overhead Cranes EOT Cranes:

CapacitySpanLifting HeightPowerLong travel MechanismCross Travel Mechanism
PendentCabinHoist TypeLifting SpeedTravelling Speed
tm m/minModelkWm/minModelkW
57.56;9;123P AC 380V50Hz28.72YSE802-4D2×0.842.9YSE90L-4D2×1.5CD1(MD1)5-(6, 9, 12)-A28;8/0.817
107.5YSE90L-4D2×1.5CD1(MD1)10-(6, 9, 12)-A27;7/0.7
This is only an overview of 5 ton, 10 ton Electric Traveling Overhead Cranes EOT Cranes.
For more details, please never hesitate to tell us, we will be pleased to be of further assistance.

Double Girder Overhead Crane - High quality components:

To ensure the high quality of our cranes, we choose the high quality components as shown below:

Name & ModelManufacturerRemarks
Electric control mechanism:Electric hoistSchneider or Siemens brandInternational Famous brands
Trolley control system
Crane traveling control system
Electric lifting hoist/trolley:Lifting motorWuxi xindali brandChina famous material handling equipment production company
Traveling motor
ReducerJiangsu taixing reducer co.,ltdChina famous brand
Wire ropeJiangsu Nantong Taili Wire ropeTop-500 private enterprise in China
Overload limiterChangzhou ChangxinFamous trademark of China
Stopper deviceHenan Santo Crane Co., Ltd.China famous brand
Hook group
Crane traveling mechanism:Traveling MotorWuxi xindali brandChina famous material handling equipment production company
ReducerJiangsu taixing reducer co.,ltdProfessional reducer supplier
WheelHenan Santo Crane Co., Ltd.China famous brand
BufferLiaoning QingyuanTop-500 private enterprise in China
Steel structure:Main GirderAnshan Steel, BaoSteel, Handan SteelOne of the most influential enterprise in China
End truck
Service platform
Crane Travel Rail
Crane Travel RailAnshan Steel or Panzhihua SteelHi-tech enterprise in China
Top 100 of Chinese Machinery industry
China famous brand


After-sale services:

· Two years warranty.

· Providing free quick-wear part.

· Low charge for continue maintenance when warranty is expired.

· Exclusive engineer support at any time.

· We can provide free training to end-users.




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