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Drop Forged Chain And Trolley X348 , X458 , 468H , X678 , 698 , 698H , F100x16 , F100x17 , F160x24

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Drop Forged Chain And Trolley X348 , X458 , 468H , X678 , 698 , 698H , F100x16 , F100x17 , F160x24

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City & Province hangzhou zhejiang
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Drop Forged Chain And Trolley X348 , X458 , 468H , X678 , 698 , 698H , F100x16 , F100x17 , F160x24



Quick Detail:


Drop Forged Chain And Trolley

Alloy Steel material
Standard and non-standard chain available
With high quality and competitive price

Prompt delivery

Packing as per customer’s demand.





Drop Forged Chain And Trolley

1)  Chain and Trolley NO. : X348, X458, 468H, X678, 698, 698H, F100x16, F100x17, F160x24

2)  Material can be 40Cr, 20CrMnTi, 42CrMo and so on


3)  We will produce as per your drawing or sample

We are the leading top Chinese chain manufacturer, and are specializing in various high quality Drop Forged Chain and trolley. We comply with DIN, ANSI, or ISO standard as per customer's request.

We can also supply chain as below:
1. Roller chains with straight side plate (A series) ;08A to 48A
2. Roller chains with straight side plate (B series) :04B to 48B
3. Short pitch conveyor chain with attachments : O8A to 16B with attachment
4. Conveyor chain with special attachments (A series) : C08A-1 to C32A-3
5. Conveyor chain with special attachments (B series) : C08B-1 to C32B-3
6. Conveyor chain with special attachments : A1,K1,WK1,WK2,WA1,WA2
7. Short pitch conveyor chain with extended pins 
8. Conveyor chain with special extended pins 
9. Double pitch conveyor chains 
10. Double pitch conveyor chain with attachments 
11. Double pitch conveyor chain with special attachments 
12. Double pitch conveyor chain with extended pins 
13. Double plus chains
14. Lumber conveyor chain & attachments 
15. Sharp top chains
16. Roller chain with vulcanised elastomer profiles
17. Roller chain with U type attachments
18. Roller chain with plastic attachments
19. Plastic chains
20. Roller chain with plastic rollers
21. Various conveyor chains
22. Conveyor chains(M series)
23. Conveyor chain with attachments(M series)
24. Conveyor chains(MT series)
25. Hollow pin conveyor chains(MC series)
26. Conveyor chains(FV series)
27. Conveyor chain with attachments(FV series)
28. Conveyor chains(FVT series)
29. Hollow pin conveyor chains(FVC series)
30. Non-standard hollow pin conveyor chains
31. Conveyor chains(Z series)
32. Conveyor chain with attachments(Z series)
33. Conveyor chains(ZE series)
34. Hollow pin conveyor chains(ZC series)
35. Conveyor chains
36. Conveyor chain with attachments
37. Steel chains for sewage disposal
38. Special conveyor chains
39. Universal movement conveyor chains
40. Conveyor chains for hoisting
41. Welded conveyor chains
42. Roller chains for textile machinery
43. Roller chains for folio transport(Gripper)
44. Support chains
45. 78PF1 conveyor chains
46. Conveyor chains for paper mill
47. Conveyor chains for metal decorating system
48. To top chain-curved movement
49. Double flex chains
50. Hollow pin chains
51. Engineering bush chains
52. Engineering bush chain with attachments
53. Escalator step-chains
54. Conveyor chains for steel mill
55. Scraper conveyor chains
56. Welded steel chains
57. Welded steel chain with attachments
58. Steel pintle chain
59. Steel pintle chain with attachments
60. Conveyor chains for fibreboard equipment
61. Conveyor chains for crawler asphalt paver
62. Palm oil chains
63. Sugar chains
64. Flat-top conveyor chains




Our Drop Forged Chain and trolley can be used widely in aggregate, amusement park rides , asphalt paving , automotive industry , bakery ovens, bottling , bucket elevators , car dumper , car wash , case conveyors , cement plants , citrus processing , clean grain and return elevators , coal preparation , construction equipment , conveyors , cotton tramper , dairy handling , fertilizer conveying , flight conveyors , food processing , forest products , grain handling , heavy duty conveyors , high-temperature industrial ovens , jack ladder , log handling , material handling , meat packing , mining , overhead conveyors , power drives , produce washdown , pulp and paper , recycling , refineries , roofing plants , rubber manufacturing , stackers , steel mills , sugar harvesting , sugar processing , trolle, conveyors , utilities , water treatment






Alloy steel



Heat treatment

Case hardening, Meshbeltfurnace quenching heat treatment

Surface treatment

Blackened, Zinc galvanized, Nickel galvanized, Chroming, Colour Painting, or as per customer's request


High precision, high wear resistance, low noise, smooth and steady, high strength

Model number

X348, X458, 468H, X678, 698, 698H, F100x16, F100x17, F160x24


Plastic bag ,carton box ,plywood case or customer requirement.

Technique parameter:

Technique parameter:

Technique parameter:

Drop forged rivetless chain,Drop forged chain,forged chain, forged conveyor chains ,forged suspending chain,drop forged rivetless chain and yokes, forged suspending chain, Scraper chain,square chain, steel detachable chain, painting line chain, Cat Pilar chain. Caterpillar chain, drop forged link, drop forged conveyor chain, conveyor chain, car assembling line chain, forged scraper chain, drop forged folding chain, detachable chain such as X348 chain, X458 chain, X678 chain, X698 chain(698 chain), P142 chain(scraper chain), P142V chain, P142H chain, P200 chain, P102 chain, P260 chain, P250 chain, detachable chain 51 chain, 52 chain, 55 chain, 57 chain, 62 chain, 74 chain, 78 chain



Competitive Advantage:

More than 20 years advanced technology and experience of us will give strong support for the drop forged chain and trolley you need. We will understand your need of product quickly, and give quick respond and good service. A lot of cases of our products will show you that it worth your trust.

Under the full quality control system, our products go through the precise product line and strict testing process. We have excellent working flow and standard to ensure stability, products reliable enough for using.

Take our scale economy, raw material superiority, and sincerity for clients to account, our price do have a great competitiveness. They are good value and cost effective than your imagine.

We sincerely hope establishing long and friendly business relations with clients from all over the world. Our goal is not just providing product, but also providing a complete solution including product design, tooling, fabrication and service for our customers to achieve their upmost satisfaction.

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