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MANNI-PLEX CEREALS is a uniquely complexed
nutrition supplement using a mix of natural sugar compounds collectively known as Manni-Plex, which readily complexes with
the metal ions. This unique complex enables the nutrients to move more easily into the plant via the phloem and xylem.
- Increases yield 5-10 bushels with a single application
- Enhances crop quality
- Great for use under the following cropping conditions:
1 Marginal soils
2 Soil history of micronutrient defi ciencies
3 High soil phosphorous levels

Action mode

Not a micronutrient or even a standard complex or chelate, Manni-Plex tecnnology is a delivery system designed to deliver micronutrients to the Growth Forming Locations of the plant. Unlike conventional micronutrient products, Manni-Plex is produced from a unique sugar alcohol blend that provides 4 significant advantages:
- Spreading and adhesion agents for enhanced foliar contact.
- Manni-Plex is the smallest molecular size of any micronutrient carrier, insuring more initial uptake.
- Once taken into the plant, Manni-Plex is the only delivery system that directly feeds nutrients to the phloem and xylem.
- Great for use with post applied herbicides.

Use recommendations

MANNI-PLEX FOR CEREALS is specifically formulated as a foliar nutrient mix that can be used with post applied pesticides. The use of Ammonium Sulfate (AMS) is recommended for compatibility with herbicides. Always follow pesticide label.
- Foliar Application: Use 1-2 quarts MANNI-PLEX FOR SMALL GRAINS per 10-20 gallons per acre per application throughout the growing season as a maintenance program. More frequent applications at 2 quarts per acre may be needed to correct defi ciencies once they occur.
Do not add to liquid fertilizers containing phosphates.
- Aerial Application: Use 1-2 pints MANNI-PLEX FOR SMALL GRAINS per acre with 2 gallons of water. Multiple applications are recommended for best results.
- Soil Application: EDTA products are recommended for soil applications with NPK solutions or for harsh soil conditions where a chelated micronutrient is desired.

Toxicological information

Toxicological class:

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