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Concrete Pumping & mixing truck 30m max placing reach pump truck with mixer machine

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Concrete Pumping & mixing truck 30m max placing reach pump truck with mixer machine

Country/Region china
City & Province zhengzhou henan
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Product Details

Automotive mobile mixer with pump truck | 30 meters pump truck


Concrete pump is a kind of pump commonly used by many construction parties, which can greatly improve the efficiency of construction.

Generally, in order to mix concrete on site, the construction site needs to be equipped with an ordinary mixer, which is inconvenient to drag and the power is not high.
This machine integrates mixing and conveying in one, saving labor, saving time and effort.

the concrete pump is suitable for building houses in big cities: concrete mixing pump is a kind of machine that integrates concrete pumping and pumping. It can be operated by one person and save labor. It has 30 cubic meters of concrete per hour, can pump concrete to 30m height, remote control operation, reducing labor intensity; small volume, easy access to narrow construction roads.

The concrete pump is mainly composed of the following parts: automobile chassis, internal combustion engine, air compressor, water pump, hydraulic device, etc. Their use shall be subject to the general regulations of the automobile and the relevant provisions of the commercial concrete pump.

Before the construction of the project, the adaptability test of cement and concrete admixture should be done to observe the concrete setting time at the temperature.


Emission StandardsChina stage V
Engine power / speed161Kw/2000rpm
Maximum travel speed80km/h
Vehicle approach/away angle24.6°/15.6°
Tire specifications11.00R20 16PR
Boom systemMaximum vertical height of the boom30m
Boom horizontal cloth radius26.5m
Angle of rotation of each arm90/180/360/540
Boom control modeLoad sensitive proportional control
Boom folding methodM type (four-section boom)
Brick tower rotation angle360°
Front leg across the distance5840mm
Rear leg across the distance5840mm
Front and rear leg longitudinal distance6300mm
Leg opening methodX
Tail hose length3000mm
Concrete pipe diameter125
Electrical control systemControl power supply24V
Control moduleBus PWM
Operating Voltage24V
Intermediate electrical appliance brandOmron
Wireless remote control brandGerman HBC / ohm / domestic
Hydraulic drive systemHydraulic system typeOpen
System work pressure31.5Mpa
Main hydraulic pump brandRexroth
Main oil pump modelA11VO190
Main oil pump displacement190
Main electro-hydraulic reversing valve brandEaton, United States
Suction and oil return filter brandDawn hydraulic
Boom multi-way valve brandHAWE/Italy/Domestic
Boom balance valve brandRexroth / HBS
Boom oil pump brandRexroth
Safety valve brandimport
Cylinder hydraulic seal brandParker
Hydraulic tank volume450
Hydraulic oil cooling methodAir cooled
Main cylinderCooperation / Zhengkun
Transfer case brandGermany Sibao / strain teeth
Slewing reducer brandDomestic
Hose connector brandEaton
size and weightTotal length of the vehicle9800mm
Total vehicle width2350mm
The total height of the vehicle3550mm
The quality of the vehicle is about19T
Pumping systemConcrete distribution valve formS valve
Concrete piston brandZhonglian/Sany
Max concrete outlet pressure (high/low)10.5
Delivery cylinder inner diameter / stroke230/1450
Maximum feeding height1450mm
Hopper volume0.65m3
Pumpable concrete slump160-220
Allow maximum aggregate size40mm
Lubrication methodCentralized lubrication
Stirring parameterMixer modelJS500
Theoretical productivity25 m3/h
Maximum bone size<40mm
Work cycle time72s
Mixing motor power20kw
Pump motor power1.1kw
Increase motor power5.5kw
Feeding height1100mm
Mixer weight3500kg


Advantage 01: good dynamic performance

Special engines such as Yuchai and Weichai are used, and the advantages of low speed and high torque are obvious; the whole vehicle passes the national environmental protection test.

Advantage 02: Original imported accessories

It adopts imported German Spark transfer case, American Eaton sunny valve set, German Rexroth main oil pump, Germany HAWE (Hawe), Italy imported multi-way valve, the product performance is more stable, more durable, and the service life of similar parts in China is improved. 50%.

Advantage 03: New boom, more stable performance

Through heavy capital investment, research and development of lightweight boom structure, using modern processing and production technology, using imported, Sany, Baosteel high-strength sheet, 10% lighter than similar products, more stable performance, with frequency conversion anti-shake function, make the boom more Stable; using the 6RZ patented technology, the newly designed innovative 5RZ boom is 15% higher than other products and 20% more fabric.

Advantage 04: efficient pumping and easy maintenance

The pumping system is equipped with a large-diameter conveying cylinder, which has the advantages of good suction performance, few commutation times, large outlet pressure and high pumping efficiency, which not only reduces wear, but also reduces operating costs; in terms of wear resistance of wearing parts The new technology and new technology of new wear-resistant materials make the life of vulnerable parts greatly improved and the maintenance difficulty is reduced.

Advantage 05: Flexible and reliable construction

The overall size of the vehicle is small, and the passing performance is good. For the problem of narrow roads and small space on the construction site of urbanization construction, the whole vehicle is convenient to move, flexible, stable and safe.




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