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Anolog Resistive Industrial Touch Sensor Panel Single Touch Four Wire

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Anolog Resistive Industrial Touch Sensor Panel Single Touch Four Wire

Country/Region china
City & Province dongguan guangdong

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Anolog Resistive Industrial Touch Sensor Panel Single Touch Four Wire





StructureF + G
Wiring MethodFPC
Touch Life Span>3,000,000 times
Scoring Life Expectance>1,000,000 times
Supply Voltage3.3V DV, 5V DC
Chattering Time<10 MS
Operating Temperature-20℃-70℃, <90%RH
Storage Temperature-30℃-85℃,<90%RH
Input Methodfinger or stylus

Model No.: CT1161717V2

OD(Outline Dimension): 268*158.25mm

VA(Viewing Area): 256*143.95mm

Linearity: <2.0%

Operating Force: 60-100g

Circuit Resistance: X: 200Ω-550Ω Y:400Ω-950Ω

ITO Film Feature: anti-Newton rings, matte surface




1. Structure of 4-Wire Resistive Touch Panel

Resistive touch panels usually consist of two layers. The bottom one is a glass plate coated with a transparent conductive layer, usually ITO (Indium Tin Oxide). It is usually called ITO glass. The top layer is a polyester film with the same conductive and transparent layer coated on the down side. It is usually called ITO film. In the normal state, there is no physical contact between the two layers, as there are transparent and elastic spacers between them. A press on the touch panel makes a contact between the two layers to realize the touch function.


2. PRC National Standard High Quality Manufacturer

Audited by TUV, our factory complies with the national standard of high quality manufacturer through the following aspects: genuine manufacturer, dedicated export team, research and development capability, trustworthiness and reputation, high quality products, considerable company size, social and environmental responsibility, customer service capability.


In 2010, we passed ISO 9001:2008 International Management System and ISO 14001:2004 + Cor 1:2009 Environmental Management System.


3. High Stability of Staff Makes High Stability of Quality

Over 60% workshop workers have been working in our company since 3 years ago and it is more than 80% of the management. The philosophy of people-oriented management makes all staff like one.


Additionally, our sales team are able to offer 4 languages service, including Japanese, Korean, English and Chinese. And we are always trying our best to support our clients.


4. Dust-free Workshops and Specialized Equipment

In the line of manufacturing touch panels, dust-free workshops and specialized equipment can basically guarantee the quality, especially the cleanliness of both resistive touch panels and capacitive touch panels.


10000-class dust-free workshops cover an area of over 2000 square meters, in which more than 200 square meters is equipped with100-class dust-free workshops. Moreover, some key equipment is introduced from Taiwan, such as IR ovens, Laser machines, etc.


5. Brand Raw Materials Only

In order to produce satisfactory touch panels, we only use brand materials. In this case, our production has high efficiency.


Raw MaterialSupplier

ITO Glass

Cover Lens / GlassAGC GROUP
Conductive Silver PasteASAHI or INKTECH
Printing InkSEIKO

6. Detail Makes Difference

Perfect details make our products perfect. Silkscreen of our analogue resistive touch panels and projected capacitive touch panels has smooth surface, smooth line, uniform thickness and the linearity is below 1.5%; the edge is smooth with tolerance below 0.1mm; minimum width of silver line and distance between lines is 0.15mm.


Silk-printing, laminating, cutting, FPC bonding etc. are all operated by automatic machines and skill-experienced workers. Almost everything is under our control.


7. 100% Inspection

Every stage of production process is focused on a lot to avoid mistakes and regarding the cleanliness of appearance and function, we carry out 100% inspection. What we care most is that each piece touch panel delivered from our warehouse has to meet our clients’ requirements.


8. Safe Packaging and Delivery

Up till now, every order of our touch panels has reached our clients abroad successfully without any damage. We pack touch panels with blister tray or foam box as requested first, certainly, there is a piece of protective film on it; and second, put into a bag and make it vacuum; lastly, put into a carton box.




Touch-Function ProductsLCD Module
Consumer DevicesMobile Phone, Tablet PC, PDA, MP3, MP4, PMP, Gaming, Web PAD, etc.
Automotive, Medical, IndustrialIndustrial Controls, Equipment Panels, Medical Device, GPS Navigation, Rearview Mirror Camera, etc.
House-hold Electronics, Financial, Entertainment System, Office EquipmentPOS, ATM, Self-Serve Kiosk, Access Control, Door Phone, Refrigerator, Microwave Oven, Copier, Fax, Disinfector, etc.


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