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ToothSoap Compony

ToothSoap Compony

About Us

Since 2003, Tooth Soap has been a pioneer in bringing alternative dental information and natural and organic oral care to the world. The focus has been to educate truthfully and provide the products that empower everyone to take full control of their dental and overall health.

Our Humble Beginnings!

Originally formulated in 2003, the humble beginnings of Tooth Soap began on my dining room table. Since that time we have been trademarked, patented and sold all over the world.

Times have changed though. My hands are now back into the soap-making business 100%. I am running the show again, just like back in 2003, making every small handmade batch of the purist artisan organic soap-based oral care available today.

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Company info

Company Name: ToothSoap Compony
Country: China
Website: http://www.toothsoap.com/