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Tobee® SP Vertical Slurry Pump

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Tobee® SP Vertical Slurry Pump

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Product Details

Tobee® SP/SPR vertical slurry pump is designed for applications requiring greater reliability and durability than conventional vertical process pumps can offer. Fully elastomer lined or hard metal fitted. No submerged bearings or packing. High capacity double suction design. Customized submerged length and suction agitator available. The SP/SPR vertical sump pump ideally suited for heavy continuous handling of abrasive and corrosive liquids and slurries whilst submerged in sumps or pits.




Design Features:


Less wear, less corrosion

Wetted components are available in a wide range of alloys and elastomers, from which Weir Minerals selects the optimum combination of materials for maximum resistance to wear in virtually any industrial application, including those demanding both abrasion and corrosion resistance and where larger particles or high density slurries are encountered.

• Abrasion resistant A05 Ultrachrome® alloy.

• Abrasion/corrosion-resistant A49 Hyperchrome® alloy.

• Corrosion-resistant stainless steels.

• Natural and synthetic elastomers.

No submerged bearing failures

The robust cantilever shaft avoids the need for lower submerged bearings - which are often the source of premature bearing failure.

• Heavy duty roller bearings, above mountingplate.

• No submerged bearings.

• Labyrinth/flinger bearing protection.

• Rigid, large diameter shaft.

No shaft sealing problems

The vertical cantilever design requires no shaft seal.

No priming required

The top and bottom inlet design is ideally suited for snore conditions.

Less risk of blocking

The screened inlets and large impeller passages reduce the risk of blockages.

Zero ancillary water costs

The vertical cantilever design with no gland or submerged bearings avoids the need for expensive gland or bearing flushing water.


Tobee® SP/SPR Vertical Slurry Pumps Performance Parameters:





Matching power P


Capacity Q


Head H


Speed n




Impeller dia.








Tobee® SP/SPR Vertical Slurry Pumps Structural Drawing:



Warman SP & SPR Vertical Slurry Pump Drawing


Tobee® SP/SPR Vertical Slurry Pumps Applications:




The SP/SPR verical slurry pumps are available in a wide range of popular sizes to suit most pumping applications. The SP/SPR sump pumps are proving their reliability and efficiency worldwide in: minerals processing, coal preparation, chemical processing, effluent handling, sand and gravel and almost every other tank, pit or hole-in-the ground slurry handling situation. The SP/SPR pump design with either hard metal (SP) or elastomer covered (SPR) components makes it ideal for abrasive and/or corrosive slurries, large particle sizes, high density slurries, continuous or “snore” operation, heavy duties demanding cantilever shafts.


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