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radial theory multi-stage groudwater/sea water vertical/horizontal 3 phase ac motor submersible pumps

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radial theory multi-stage groudwater/sea water vertical/horizontal 3 phase ac motor submersible pumps

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The following is a partial list of some of submersible pumps. These products are the popular products. The material you can choose according to your requirements,such as cast iron, stainless steel 304/316/316L,tin bronze 3861.

You can choose what you need by referencing this table. If you want to subscribe some types out of the range of this table, you can inform us in advance.








Outer diameter





AT300QJ220-22/12202229.32211.24 inch6 inch1465202
AT300QJ220-264/12264346.726014.4 inch46951253
AT300QJ220-330 /15330466.735055151487

Type description:

For example:  AT300QJ220-352/16

300: the well outer diameter is no less than 300mm.

Q: Submersible (the first letter of Chinese Pinyin Qian Shui);

J: deep well (the first letter of Chinese Pinyin Shenjing);

220: Flow capacity 220 m3/h;

352: Head 352m    

/16: sixteen-stage series connection impeller.


Technical parameter:

Outlet diameter: 281-360mm(12inch).

Medium Range:

1 All kinds of seawater, alkaline corrosive water, clean water, cold water, rainwater, gushing water of mining, drinking water, etc.

2 Water temperature range: +5--+25

3 Solid content (mass ratio): ≤0.01%

4 PH value: 6.5-8.5

5 Full set should be submerged in water.

Please note if the water quality is special. 

Motor Parameter:

The submersible motor is lubricated by clean water. It must be filled with clean water or its service life will be lessen. If you forget filling, the motor will be broken.

Motor protection level: IPX8



Impeller: tin bronze,such as ZCuSn3Zn8Pb6Ni1

Pump bowl: tin bronze,such as ZCuSn3Zn8Pb6Ni1

Pump shaft: stainless steel 316L. Filter :316L.  Bolt:316  Flange:316

End bell (upper and lower): 316  Middle part:316   Motor shaft:316

Motor Seal: Rubber O-ring seal, mechanical seal

 Motor regulating sleeve: rubber


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You can also add my whatsapp:+86 15122005631.

Produce equipement

We eastablished in 2004 and most of the workers know the technology that how to produce the deep well submersible pump better.


Testing equipment

Do not care about the quality of the pump.Because we will test everypump before we send them to you.


Our customers

Our deep well submersible pumps got much affairmation from all over the world.


Other production

Company Information

Aote Tianjin pump co.,ltd is a professional organization that engages in designing and producing submersible motor pumps/sewage pumps/mine submersible pumps and so on.Supplying full set of the submersible pumps and the control system.Our production cover many industries:mine,metallurgy,electric,coal,petrochemical, sewage,geothermal,hydropower station,thermal power plant,open pit,irrigation,fire control,municipal...
We have our r&d team in order to develop submersible motor pumps.The main productions:
A.Large submersible motor pump(mine submersible pump):a)double suction submersible motor pumps;b)single suction submersible pumps.
B.Submersible motor:water-submersible3-thase asynchronous motor(high voltage and low voltage).
Submersible pump:a)Type 66 according to the technology from Germany .b)QJ series pump for deep well(QJT large power well pump).c)QH series for sea water.d)QJR series for high temperature water.e)QJW series for horizontal installation.
C.Axial flow pump/mixed-flow pump:large flow and low head-QZB/QHB series.
D.New project:Submersible screw centrifugal pump/Submersible axial flow screw pump.
E.Sewage pump:WQ series aim at solve the dirty water problem.
F:Corrosion resistant pump,can be used in corrosion liquid.

The theory of company:For our enterprise,quality is the life ,customer is the God , technology is the development, management is the foundation, service is the assurance.


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