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Calcium Chloride

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Calcium Chloride

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Drying tubes are frequently packed with calcium chloride. Kelp is dried with calcium chloride for use producing sodium carbonate.
Deicing and freezing point depression
By depressing the freezing-point calcium chloride is used to prevent ice formation and to deice. This is particularly useful on road surfaces. Unlike the more commonly used sodium chloride, calcium chloride is relatively harmless to plants and soil;
Source of calcium ions
Calcium chloride is used to increase the hardness in swimming pools. This reduces the erosion of the concrete in the pool.
As an ingredient, it is listed as a permitted food additive in the European Union for use as a sequestrant and firming agent with the E number E509, and considered as generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
Calcium chloride can be injected as intravenous therapy for the treatment of hypocalcaemia. It can be used for insect bites or stings; sensitivity reactions, particularly when characterized by urticaria; magnesium intoxication; as an aid in management of the acute symptoms in lead colic; and in cardiac resuscitation, particularly after open heart surgery. Parenteral calcium can be used when epinephrine has failed to improve weak or ineffective myocardialcontractions. Calcium chloride injection may antagonize cardiac toxicity as measured by electrocardiogram.

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