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Customized Electric Tubular Heating Element , Immersion Water Heater

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Customized Electric Tubular Heating Element , Immersion Water Heater

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Customized Electric Tubular Heating Element , Immersion Water Heater



1. Long-life use, use time up to 2-6 years, even more than 10 years under normal conditions.

2. Safety and reliace at work.

3. High thermal efficiency

4. Simple structure, material saving

5. High mechanical strength and easy to use

6. Widely used in a variety of heating saltpeter tank, water tank, oil tank, acid tank, and used in equipments such as fusible metal melting furnace, air heating furnace, drying, heat dies and so on.


We can produce all kinds of heating element immersion heater..



Parameter (Customized Electric Tubular Heating Element Immersion Water Heater)

Heating MediumMaximum Temperature Medium℃Tube Surface Load W/cm2Temperature Coefficient%Tube surface Load W/cm2Tube Material
Still Air≤ 3004~894.5< 110#, π g, T4
Air flow≤ 3006~1095< 310#, π g
Stationary Oil≤ 3006~1095< 2.5~2.810#, T4
Oil Flow≤ 3006~1095< 2.5~3.510#, T4
Nitrate/Alkali≤ 5006~894< 3.510# in π g, double outer tube
Metal Mold≤ 2506~895< 2.810#, π g
Wax≤ 2501~1095.5< 1.810#,T4
Water≤ 15010~2097< 10π g, 10#, T4


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1. Sample is available.
2. Independent R&D, ISO manufacture, precise quality standards, modern logistics management, and sound marketing strategy.
3. Inquiry replied within 24 hours.
4. Patented products.
5. Some extra accessories can be supplied.
6.The larger quantity you order,the more competitive prices you'll get.
7. Necessary Certificates can be supplied.


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