Pressurized Flat Plate Solar Water Heater Rooftop Intelligent Controller High Efficient

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Pressurized Flat Plate Solar Water Heater Rooftop Intelligent Controller High Efficient

Country/Region china
City & Province zhejiang

Product Details


Pressurized Flat Plate Solar Water Heater Rooftop Intelligent Controller High Efficient


Auxiliary Equipment:


Intelligent Controller, display water temperature in storage tank and automatically control backup heating device;


Electrical Heater, reliable electric booster with thermal cut-out working in cloudy or raining days for sufficient hot water;


Magnesium anode, in areas with hard water, this device is installed in water storage tank to effectively prevent system from corrosion.


Pipe & fittings: Φ22mm insulated stainless steel corrugated pipe or copper pipe is suggested as circulation pipe for flat panel solar water heater, copper fitting is suggested for pipe connection.




10 years international responsibility for pressure flat plate solar water heater and flat panel solar collectors.



Comparing with pressure heat pipe solar water heater:

1. More simple collector installation;

2. More economical flat plate collector;

3. More strong and safe collector with tempered glass glazing;

4. Traditional solar collector with more market share;

5. Enjoys much more popularity in warm area;


Parts Description:

Flat plate thermosiphon solar water heater is such a kind of thermosiphon solar water heating device with flat plate collector placed below high pressure hot water tank. The tank and flat plate are connected with circulation pipes to form an open-loop solar water heating system, the house hold water is heated directly inside flat panel collector and rise to be stored inside hot water tank.


Flat Plate Solar Collector

Flat plate solar thermal collector is suitable for residential or commercial solar water heating projects.

The selective coated aluminum absorber sheet absorbs up to 95% of available sunlight converting into usable heat.

1. Glass: Toughened low-iron glass (glazing) protects the absorber from the outside environment while allowing through ≥91% of sunlight.

2. Absorber: A thick sheet of copper or aluminum is coated with a highly selective coating that is extremely efficient at absorbing sunlight and converting it into usable heat. The absorber plate is ultrasonically welded to the copper riser pipes.

3. Insulation: The insulation helps reduce heat loss from the sides and back of the collector. High-density polyurethane and glass wool are chosen by company to greatly reduce weight and heat lost of the collector.

4. Riser & Header Pipe: The header and riser pipes are brazed together to form a harp shaped heat exchanger that the solar system water or fluid circulates through. The absorber sheet is ultrasonically welded to the riser pipes, thus transfers heat to the water or heat transfer fluid.

5. Frame: An aluminum alloy sheet seals the back and frame of the panel and adds to the rigidity of the collector. The rails in the frame are designed for easy mounting attachment.


Pressure Hot Water Tank

A pressure storage tank is designed for flat plate solar water heater to supply pressurized domestic hot water.

1. Inner water tank: Food-grade stainless steel or enamel coated tank keeps the water clean and drinkable, automatic argon-arc welding tech ensures no leakage and long lifespan more than 30 years. hot water tanks have all been immersed in water and tested with 12 bar pressure to ensure no water leakage in high pressure condition.


2. Insulation Layer: High-density polyurethane Integrated-foaming with twice slaking treatment, preserves water temperature constantly.


3. Tank shell: White painted color steel with beautiful appearance, super in corrosion resistance, much more durable especially to ocean coast weather condition.

Supporting Bracket

Shaped strong galvanized steel designed with a simple installation, strong weight bearing and up to 140 km/hr wind resistance, corrosion resistant gray paint ensures a long working life, universal bracket is designed for different house roof installation.


Size (mm)2000*1060*82 / 2000*1560*82
Cover glassLow-iron tempered glass with transmittance ≥91%
CoatingSelective Blue TiNOX coating with absorptivity ≥95±2%
AbsorberCopper / Aluminum plate welded with copper header & riser tubes
InsulationHigh-density polyurethane & fiber glass
FrameAnodized aluminum alloy with anti-aging elastic sealing


Water Tank

Capacity100L ~ 300L for prssure hot water storage tank
Inner tankFood-grade stainless steel SUS304-2B / SUS316 / Enamel
InsulationHigh-density PU foam with 80~90 hours heat preservation
Tank shellHigh-quality color steel painted white
BracketShaped strong galvanized steel adaptable to flat or slope roof
AccessoriesT/P valve, Check valve, Copper connectors, Stainless screws
Auxiliary EquipmentsElectrical heater, Intelligent controller, Magnesium anode, Pipe & fittings
Collector Angle25 ~ 50°
Working Pressure6.0 bar
Model NumberFlat Plate Solar Collector


Area/ m2



Container Loading Qty /sets
Size /mmQty /pcs20GP40GP40HQ




































Our Services

Fast response: Your inquiry will be replied within 24 hours via e-mail or online messenger;


Technical support: You have more than 10 years experience for product suggestion, installation guidance, market analysis, etc.


OEM & ODM: We welcome OEM & ODM requirements for solar collector, storage tank, installation frame, and even for some out-sourcing equipment;


Sample checking: In spite of quality control in production, samples will be selected and installed to check prior to delivery;


Minimum order quantity: We offer sample manufacturing for customers to check quality and service;


Shipping service: company offers to arrange goods shipment to abroad ocean port or inland site, and if necessary to make goods insurance, customs clearance, etc;


Import certificates: We offers to make Certificate Origin CO, FORM A, FORM E, FORM F, customs certification, etc.




Model selection: We suggest 40 - 50 liter hot water for one person in a single day, for colder area larger aperture area is suggested for same tank liter.

Optional device: Choose by yourself or rely on our 10 years export experience for consultation.

Connection: Size and location for tank connection can be customized or suggested by our experienced stuff.

OEM: Your LOGO information can be made on flat plate solar water heater and carton boxes.

ODM: Design can be made according to your actual requirements for flat plate and storage tank.


Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Details: Export strong corrugated carton outside with poly-bag and styrofoam protection inside.


Delivery Detail: Within 7 - 10 days for container order quantity upon confirmed invoice or sales contract.

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