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TEXFINITY Towel Folder MZD-2300Q

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TEXFINITY Towel Folder MZD-2300Q

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Product Details

TEXFINITY Towel Folder


Europe Technology, Europe brand, Domestic Patent


The whole machine included software is designed by European engineers, has been sold over 2000 units all over the world, the feedback from customers is good.


The first four folds are all adopted the form of air knife folding, action quick, reliable performance, low failure rate, high recognition rate.



It can be serviced and long distance monitoring by internet.



The main technical features of Texfinity Towel folder



The t-towel has a big touch screen display and intelligent control system. Adopting different kinds of intelligent communication control technology according to the dimension of towel and actual working conditions. Personalized design and it can realize remote monitoring and assistance internet.


The machine is equipped with photoelectric sensors and high efficient control system. It can accurately monitor the size of the towel and location through a variety of sensors and encoders, and automatically select the corresponding long fold, cross fold, stacking method, saving both time and labor with good effect.


It can automatically adjust the gap of rollers according to different thickness of towels to assure the folding quality and effect.


The towels come out one the accurate position after folding, automatic stacking technology, fast reaction fast and short working circle.



With 4 channel of stacking position. Adopted a kind automatic telescopic device and can control the transmission belt to stretch out and draw back and keep right running direction to assure the towels to be transmitted to next transmission belt smoothly.


Four folds all adopt the special form of air knife folding, quick action, low failure rate.



The Texfinity Towel sorts automatically the various pieces based on length, consequently pre-sorting is not required. Optionally our towel folder can also sort based on width in case pieces of the same length exist that needs different kind of folding. Once the pieces are folded, they are directed towards a dedicated, programmable, stacker station. As soon as the required stack height is achieved, the pile is put on the final delivery belt(included in the machine). This belt can be located on the left or right side and delivering the piles either to the front or the rear of the machine.



The Texfinity towel folder is able to sort and fold all kinds of towels, fitted sheets, garments(T-shirts, nightgowns, uniforms, hospital cloth etc.), laundry bags and all other dried pieces up to a length of 2300mm.



The primary folds are carried out by a pulsed airflow. Before the piece has entered the completely the primary fold, the length is measured. Based upon this, one of the many possible folding patterns can be selected. The folding templates are automatically put in the right position and the pulsed air spray nozzles fold the piece tight around the templates. The long primary fold is able to fold pieces up to 2300mm.



The Texfinity towel is equipped with two cross fold sections. Each cross fold is made by reversing belt in combination with an air pulse. The result is a very precise and tight fold. Through the programming of the folding positions, several cross folding patterns can be realized. Also a bypass(no cross fold required) is possible.



In case two folders are put next to each other, each can has its own final delivery belt. Alternatively, both machines can be interconnected in master/slave configuration. Piles from both machines can put on one final delivery belt, allowing automatic directs of piles towards a central conveyor belt leading to a packing/wrapping machine. More information and mult-folds layouts can be found on the website.



After finishing the folding process, pieces are stacked on a dedicated stacker station. As a standard, the Texfinity towel folder is provided with 3 stacker stations, optionally a 4th stacker station is possible as well as a stacker with a different width. Once the preset stack height is reached the pile is put on the final delivery belt by means of a telescopic system. This technology ensures a smooth and perfectly straight transfer onto the final delivery belt, with a minimum of moving parts.



The Texfinity towel folder has a PLC based control system. Operating the machine is done through and easy to use 7 inch color touchscreen. The control system needs a high computing power, therefore Texfinity has chosen OMRON. This powerful control leads to more precise folding, which has been clearly proven in comparative tests. Thanks to the responsive touchscreen of high resolution, making and changing folding programs becomes very easy.



Up to 99 folding programs can be made and saved under and adjustable program name. The big screen allows for easy tracing and resolving defective components and for the testing of functions. Saved program can be easily copied from one machine to another with an internet cable or with a Flash Card. The control can also be connected to the internet allowing online assistance. A connection module makes building and internet connection to Texfinity very easy.




The main technical parameters of Texfinity towel folder


 t.Towel Air-18t.towel Air-23
Conveying width(mm)13961396
Conveying height(mm)14101410
Conveying length(mm)37614238
 First fold22
 Cross fold22
 Folding wayAir foldingAir folding
Folding qty(pcs/h)15001250
 Max width(mm)12001200
 Max length(mm)18002300
Air compressor(Bar)66
Air consumption(m3/hr)2020
Min Connecting air source(mm)1313

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