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Address: NO.2 Plant, ShangPengMiao, ShiMei, WanJiang District, Dongguang City, Guagndong Province, China

Contact name:Woke Ho

Perfect International Instruments Co., Ltd

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Perfect International Instruments Co.,Ltd, the excellent supplier of global testing machine and related services, was founded in 1997 ,Taiwan .Then, Dongguan factory was founded in 2003. It has been providing quality improvement solutions for rubber, plastics, footwear, food, daily chemical, paper, color printing packaging, suitcase handbags, electronic wire, textile, sports equipment, biochemical, pharmaceutical, household appliances, office equipment, aviation, aerospace, as well as the colleges and universities, research institute and other customers from area of scientific research and development.


Perfect International Instruments Co.,Ltd, mainly focus on research, manufacture and sales in Tensile Testing Machine, Universal Testing machine,Hydraulic Compression Testing Machine,Tensile Strength Tester Environmental Test Chamber,Temperature Humidity Test Chamber,Aging Oven, Hot Air Drying Oven,Salt Spray Chamber,Adhesive Tape Tester,Luggage Suitcase and Bags Test Equipment . The products meet UL, ASTM, JIS, GB, ISO, TAPPI, EN, BS...and other domestic and international standards.


Perfect Instruments has accumulated over 20 years of technology and experience, and has obtained more than dozens of patents, such as invention, utility model and appearance.Since 1997 into the domestic development, gradually for the adhesive testing industry, paper packaging industry, cosmetics, food and beverage, bags handbags and other industries to import foreign advanced quality detection technology and international advanced technology of detecting instrument.


Our ideal : To provide customers with the best solution to improve the quality of products, eliminate the defects of all products and use hidden dangers, and pursue to improve the quality of human life!


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Company Name: Perfect International Instruments Co., Ltd
Country: china
Address: NO.2 Plant, ShangPengMiao, ShiMei, WanJiang District, Dongguang City, Guagndong Province, China