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Oil / Water Medium Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Machine Air Leakage Tests

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Oil / Water Medium Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Machine Air Leakage Tests

Country/Region china
City & Province shenzhen guangdong
Categories Wheels, Rims & Tires

Product Details

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Machine air leakage tests 10MPa 150MPa


Equipment overview

Used in auto line, hydraulic pipe engineering, aviation hydraulic pipe, small valve, evaporator, condenser, radiator, filter, pressure containers, boxes, cylinders, pipe joints, seals, downhole tools, such as high pressure air tightness test specimens, the relief valve performance test and calibrate, high pressure gas bottle filling, etc.It involves many fields such as quality inspection agency, auto parts, aerospace, engineering machinery, shipbuilding industry, colleges and universities, scientific research institutes and so on.


The reference standard

GB 16897-2010 brake hose structure, performance requirements and test methods

GB 7128-2008 automobile air brake hose and hose assembly

QC/T 80-2011 road vehicle-air braking system with nylon (polyamide) tube


Functional characteristics

(1) using high-precision pressure sensor test (differential pressure or direct pressure detection), the output pressure can be adjusted without grade.

(2) there are many kinds of high pressure gas supply sources, specially designed protective equipment, safe and reliable, noise reduction and noise reduction design to meet customer needs;Self-cooling without a cooler.

(3) gas pressurization system according to the modular design, safe and reliable connection, the equipment can be flexible disassembly, the whole device for enclosed frame structure, panel control method, observation, easy to operate.The test bed has wheels for free handling;

(4) the equipment is unique to avoid lubrication design, and the compressed air is not lubricated by oil mist, which meets the explosion-proof requirement, without oil compression technology, the gas is free from pollution;

(5) the driving air flow can be adjusted to adjust the action frequency of the supercharger and prolong the life of the supercharger;


Technical parameters

Test method: wet leak detection method, dry leak detection method (differential pressure method, pressure drop method, leak detection method)

Test medium: compressed air or nitrogen

Test pressure: 0-10mpa (air tightness), 0-150mpa (air seal)

Accuracy of pressure control: plus or minus 0.5%

Accuracy of pressure measurement: plus or minus 0.25%

Maximum driving pressure: 0.69MPa

Maximum output: 0.3 standard/min

Number of single test specimens: 1 road

Internal dimensions of the test box: according to the size of the specimen

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