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100 Liters Upright type Constant -70~150 Deg C Temperature And Humidity Control Cabinet

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100 Liters Upright type Constant -70~150 Deg C Temperature And Humidity Control Cabinet

Country/Region china
City & Province dongguan guangdong
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Product Details

100 Liters Upright type Constant -70~150 Deg C Temperature And Humidity Control Cabinet



Temperature and humidity control cabinet can simulate different environment condition. It's appropriate for testing material performance, such as resist heat, resist dry,resist humidity and resist cold. That can define performance of material. It is simple to operate and program easy to edit. It can show the set values and operative time.





    1, Chamber exterior material is stainless steel with environmentally baking paint resists corrosion and provides impact resistance. Interior material is SUS304# stainless steel ,mirror finished with excellent heat resistance and easy to clean.

     2, Controller imported LCD display screen can be displayed measuring values and setting the value and time.

     3, Safety relay connection is provided to protect your device under test by removing power to it when the chamber is not running.

     4, RS-232 communications is for computer connection, programming can be set on computer by software, monitor testing process and automatically execute power on/off functions.

     5, Fog-free viewing window and interior light makes viewing workspace freely and observe the test under best conditions.

     6, Adjustable product shelf slides out for easier product access. Shelf design is non-tipping and supports large product loads.

     7, Left and right side of chamber with diameter 100mm cable port for power-on test.

     8, Optional electronic humidity sensor is used on all test chambers for accuracy and minimal maintenance.

     9,The French Tecumseh brand is used for the circulation system of the compressor, more effective removal of oil between the condenser and the capillary and use environmentally refrigerants ( R23, R404, R507).

     10.Completely independent system separate for testing in high temperature, low temperature and constant temperature&humidity environment


Test standard:

GB/T2423.1-2001 test A: Low temperature (part)
GB/T2423.2-2001 test B: high temperature (part)
GB/T2423.3-2006 test Cab : Steady damp-heat
GB/T2423.4-1993 test Db: Alternating humid heat
GB/T2423.34-2005 test Z/AD: Temperature and humidity combination
GB/T2423.3,4 requirements for the heat and humid heat cycle of the medium steady state
GB/T5170.2-2008 electric and electronic products environmental testing equipment method temperature test equipment
GB/T5170.5-2008 electric and electronic products environmental testing equipment method hygrothermal test equipment.

IEC68-2-1 (GB-2423.1-2008) Testing A: Low temperature testing method

   IEC68-2-2 (GB-2423.2-2008) Testing B: High temperature testing method

   IEC68-2-3 (GB2423.3-93) Testing Ca: Constant moist heat testing method.

   IEC68-2-30 (GB2423.4-93) Testing Db: Alternate moist heat testing method.

   MIL-STD-202F (GJB360.8-87) High temperature life testing

   MIL-STD-810D (GBJ150.3) High temperature method

   MIL-STD810D (GBJ150.4) Low temperature method

   MIL-STD-810D (GJB150.9-93) Moist heat testing method





The test conditions for device performance parameters are:
Air cooled ambient temperature at 25 ºC,Water temperature of water

cooling cycle is 25 ºC,No-load (no load)

Internal size(W*H*D)mm500×500×400580×750×450580×750×760800×950×8001100×950×950
External size(W*H*D)mm750×1650×1100









Main performanceTemperature rangeC:-40C~+150C, D:-70C~+150C customize
temperature fluctuation±0.5ºC
temperature uniformity±2.0ºC (deviation:±2.0ºC)
Humidity range20%~98%(Dry sphere temperature range+10ºC~+90ºC)
humidity fluctuation±1.5%
Humidity uniformity<75% RH /≤±5%RH; >75% RH /≤±3%RH
Heating performanceAverage about 3 degrees per minute, no load.
Cooling performanceC:from +20ºC to -40ºC ,Average about 1 degrees per minute, no load
D:from +20ºC to -70ºC Average about 1 degrees per minute, no load
Operating ambient temperature

Environmental temperature conditions for equipment

functioning normally:+5ºC~35ºC

structureOuter box materialSteel plate lacquer-full computer white
Inner box materialSUS304(or316)Mirror stainless steel
Insulation processOuter rigid polyurethane foaming+Inner glass fiber cotton
systemRefrigeration modeC: Mechanical vapor compression refrigeration-Single stage;Cooling mode optional:Air cooling (standard) / water cooling.

D: Mechanical vapor compression refrigeration-Overlapping type;

Cooling mode optional Air cooling (standard) / water cooling

refrigeration compressor

Fully enclosed piston type/rotary compressor (Low noise /

environmental protection)


C:Environmental coolant R404A

D:Environmental coolant R404A+R23

circulating fanHigh-temperature induction motor+Aluminum alloy centrifugal wind blade
heaterReliable stainless steel regenerator

Built-in stainless steel anti-corrosive heating pipe,Water plate

humidification (Convenient and clean, low water consumption)

Control systemcontrol methodSolidified write PLC Control system
display screen

7-inch TFT true color liquid crystal display with a resolution of

800*480; hand touch input

Operation modeValues and programs
Program capacity120 group programs,Each program can be set up 100 times
document storage

USB interface,Easy to import or export internal parameters of

programs and devices ;Curve data can be derived from USB disk


Optional LAN Network Interface,It is convenient for remote

connection control and fault diagnosis.

Water supplyWater supply modePump lift
water box5-liter / 20-liter food-grade PE tank, removable for cleaning
Water quality requirementsResistance for water used for humidification≥500mΩ
partsstandard configuration

Diameter 100mm test hole and soft plug 2 piece;Stainless steel

riser with good air permeability 2 piece;movable casters with fixed mats 4 piece,observation window 1 piece

protectionstandard configuration

Power over-voltage overload protection;Power leakage protection

switch;Test product over temperature protection (independent);

Compressor overload high - voltage protection;Heater over-temperature protection;Humidifier dry burning protection;low water level protection ;

Controller self-diagnosis fault picture display.

othersPower Supply

100L uniphase220V; others 3 phase 4 line380V 50Hz ±10%+protective

earth wire

Single-phase maximum current A18A18A18A22A26A
power rating KW4KW7KW7KW10KW10KW
nominal weight KG180280320500700


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