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Computer Tensile Testing Machine Displacement Error 0.01mmjd-1001a Single Column Type

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Computer Tensile Testing Machine Displacement Error 0.01mmjd-1001a Single Column Type

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Product Details


Single Column Type Computer Tensile Testing Machine Displacement Error 0.01mmjd-1001a



Single column computer type tensile testing machine JD-1001A



product description:

The computer tensile testing machine adopts a single space structure and the test space is in the lower space. It is mainly used for testing metal and non-metal materials. It has three closed-loop control modes of stress, strain and displacement, which can be used to find the maximum force, tensile strength, bending strength, Compressive strength, modulus of elasticity, elongation at break, yield strength and other parameters. Test and provide test data according to GB and ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN and other international standards.


The main function:

Used in various metal and non-metal materials (material film, fiber, fine line bonding, mixture foam, elastomer biomaterial, wood products, paper products, thin gold, metal, silk high strength, metal parts, fasteners , composite materials) tensile, compression, bending, shearing, peeling, tearing and other tests, as well as special tests on some products.



main feature:

1, using high-speed DSP platform, its high integration, powerful control, data processing capabilities, high reliability, is unmatched by other test machines.

2. The all-digital and three-closed (force, deformation, displacement) control system based on the neuron adaptive PID algorithm is used to realize the full digital three-closed control of force, deformation and displacement. The control loops can be automatically switched between each mode. A smooth transition without impact is achieved when switching between.

3. It can control and maintain the rate of test force, deformation and displacement.

4, closed-loop control parameters online identification.

5, high precision 24Bit data acquisition system, high resolution, can be extended to 8 channels AD acquisition.

6, USB1.1 communication, communication rate is 12Mb / s, using full speed mode, batch transmission.

7. The system board adopts 4-layer PCB unique anti-interference wiring method, which has strong anti-interference ability.

8. In addition to the power interface, all other interfaces adopt the standard USB interface, and the plug-and-play interface can realize hot plugging, that is, it has plug-and-play function. Interface features can be set online by software. The layout of each interface is neat and reasonable, and the plugging and unplugging is convenient.

9, the entire control system has a high cost performance, high reliability.

10. The whole test process is controlled by microcomputer, and the load value, displacement value, deformation value, test speed and test curve are dynamically displayed in real time.

11. The data processing analysis is carried out by using a microcomputer. The test results can be automatically saved. After the test, the test curve can be recalled, and the test process can be repeated by curve traversal, or the curve comparison and curve amplification can be performed.

12. The test software under the Windows platform of all Chinese has strong data and graphics processing functions, which can print out complete test reports and test curves in real time.

13. It has perfect safety protection functions such as limit protection, overload protection and emergency stop.



Technical Parameters:


 Model     JD-1001A
 Maximum test force     500KG
 Test machine level     Level 1
 Force measurement range     0.2%~100%FS(Level 1)
 Force error     ±0.5%Within (level 0.5)
 Force resolution     1/300000FS
 Displacement error     0.1 mm
 Displacement resolution      0.05mm
 Elongation     Own elongation(%)
 Force unit     Kgf ,Ibf, N, KN(Can be set)
 Force control error     ±1%Within the set value
 Test speed     5mm-500mm/min
 Speed error     0.1 mm
 Test width    100mm
 Maximum stroke    1000mm(including fixture)
 Software    Computer system test operation
 Stop function

    There are pull-stop function, set force value, displacement stop         function, limit protection stop function

 Transmission mechanism    (Servo motor, imported special gearbox + imported ball screw)
 Machine size    850mm×500mm×1430mm
 weight    About 100Kg
  power supply    AC220V,5A,



Test software interface:



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