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Address: No. 17, Sanheng Road, Lianhu South, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City, China

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Dongguan jie dong test equipment co.,LTD

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                                                              Dongguan Jiedong Test Equipment Co., Ltd.

Business overview:

Dongguan Jiedong Test Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Tangxia Town, Dongguan City. After years of hard work, Jiedong has established a production base in Dongguan, research and development, sheet metal, production, sales, after-sales, leasing, testing, and governance. With one-stop services such as import and export. The company has always focused on the technology and laboratory solutions of the most reliable reliability environmental testing equipment, and has become the national high-tech enterprise, the executive director unit of China Aerospace Systems Science and Engineering Research Institute, and the governing unit of Dongguan Metrology Association. lSO14001: 2015 environment, lSO9001: 2015 quality system certification. The products are constantly improving, and the customers are in the scientific and technological fields of scientific research, military industry, national defense, colleges, quality inspection, automobile, new energy, battery, optoelectronics, artificial intelligence, precision electronics, power tools, medical, communication, etc. After-sales service, each link takes the customer's point of view and needs as the starting point for thinking, and adheres to the line of excellence and continuous improvement.


Management mechanism:

Jiedong passed and strictly implemented the ISO9001:2008 quality management system, ISO14001-2004 environmental system certification, European CE product certification, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification. Carefully implement GB, GJB, IEC, MIL, JB, ZBY and other product standards; Jiedong strictly follows the 7S management method and ERP mechanism, and explores the unique and effective specialization for the environmental test equipment industry's many years of characteristics and experience. The management methods of research, production, sales and service can provide customers with all kinds of ring test products and services with high quality, high efficiency and precision.



Main products:

※  Environmental simulation test equipment: constant temperature and humidity chamber, high and low temperature test chamber, thermal   

     shock test chamber, salt spray test chamber, xenon lamp aging test chamber, rain test Inspection box, ultraviolet aging test chamber, dust     

     test chamber, rain test chamber, high temperature precision oven, simulated transport vibration table, etc.;

※ Battery safety performance testing equipment: battery extrusion testing machine, battery needle testing machine, battery explosion-proof test

    box, battery burning test box, high-altitude low-pressure mode Preliminary test chamber (low pressure test chamber), drop test machine,     

    heavy impact test machine, thermal shock test chamber (heat abuse test chamber), battery needle punching and extrusion Machine, battery

    short-circuit test machine, battery washing test machine, seawater immersion test machine, battery pack reverse test machine, battery safety

    performance comprehensive test laboratory, etc.;

※ Material mechanics testing equipment: electronic tensile testing machine, computerized tensile testing machine, universal testing machine,

    high and low temperature tensile testing machine, four-point compression testing machine,Table type tensile testing machine, horizontal         

     tensile testing machine, etc.;

※  Mobile phone and notebook testing equipment: Click the line test machine, compression test machine, compression life test machine, twist

     test machine, drop test machine, shaft life Life test machine, etc.

※  Wire testing equipment: wire bending (swinging, bending) testing machine, FPC folding test machine, wire bending resistance testing

     machine, taper rocking test machine, line Material elongation (elongation) test machine, etc.;

※  Key detection equipment: button life test machine, switch rotation life test machine, button fatigue life test machine, fully automatic button,     

    switch load strokeLine testing machine, etc.

※ Terminal insertion and removal testing equipment: plug-in life testing machine, insertion force testing machine, fully automatic insertion force

     testing machine, etc.;

※  Abrasion test equipment: anti-friction test machine, ink decolorization test machine, alcohol rubber wear test machine, etc.;

※  Leather and rubber testing equipment: TABER wear tester, Martindale wear tester, low temperature cold resistance tester, leather     

     endurance  tester, color fastnessTesting machine, linear abrasion testing machine, rubber oil resistance testing machine, etc.;

※  Combustion test equipment: vertical horizontal burning test machine, needle flame burning test machine, glow wire test machine, automobile

     interior material burning test machine, large-scale combustion Cabinet, leakage tracking test machine, etc.;

※  Other testing equipment: lithium battery moisture measuring instrument, falling ball impact testing machine, shotgun impact testing machine,


Application areas:

Dongguan Jiedong Test Equipment Co., Ltd. has excellent research and development products, advanced equipment and complete testing means. The company has first-class technical talents and management talents, which makes the company's products always in a good position in the same industry. Dongguan Headquarters Factory is located in Dongguan City, which is known as the world factory with convenient transportation and developed manufacturing industry. Our products are widely used in scientific research, military, electronics, electrician, LED, automotive, plastic, hardware, toys, paper products, chemicals, household goods and other industries, and are applicable to various research units, quality inspection organizations, academic discussions and other fields. To provide customers with a variety of testing and testing equipment in line with national standards and related industry standards, international standards (GB, GJB, IEC, MIL, DIN), to achieve international quality, localized prices.



Phone: 86-0769-26265799

Address: No. 17, Sanheng Road, Lianhu South, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City, Chin

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Company Name: Dongguan jie dong test equipment co.,LTD
City: dongguan
Province: guangdong
Country: china
Address: No. 17, Sanheng Road, Lianhu South, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City, China