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DC Power Supply Nokia BTS -48V DC 467866A.209 PWSB Wireless Base Station Ultrasite

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DC Power Supply Nokia BTS -48V DC 467866A.209 PWSB Wireless Base Station Ultrasite

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DC Power Supply Unit(-48V DC) 467866A.209 PWSB Wireless Base Station Ultrasite


We have NSN Ultrasite PWSB 467866A.209 in stock. NSN Ultrasite is an indoor macro base station,  we have all version in this store. If you need more information, pls directly contact us through online tool or other way you prefer to.



[Product Description]


PWSB use variable - 48V DC input voltage, one cabinet have three greatest piece of PWSB, one PWSB unit can be used four pieces of carrier frequency.More than 4 pieces need to increase PWSB carrier frequency.


PWSB’s function:
› Holds the monitoring the output voltage and current, if any output voltage is lower than the limit value, will sent output alarm to BOIA.
› Holds the monitor output voltage, if the output voltage is more than a limited amount of over-voltage protection value, disconnect the output voltage, and send output alarm to BIOA.
› Holds the monitoring internal temperature.


PWSB LED parameter

LED color




Power on, the work is normal.



Stand by or remote control.



Failure or alarm.





[Product code]


467868A 467869A 468131A 469643A 467201A 467612A 467611A 467537A 467610A

467800A 468704A 467828A 469089A 468216A 468217A 468219A 468220A 468619A

468218A 465369A 467858A 467859A 468721A 467857A 467861A 467862A 467834A

467833A 470327A 468530A 468531A 468532A 468533A 467865A 467866A 468664A

063912A 082126A 066971A 470246A 470330A 470247A 471007A 470248A 471576A

470216A 472045A 470215A 472044A 470256A 471493A 470255A 471492A 470253A

470250A 470260A 470258A 470140A 471279A 470067A 471424A 083180A 472109A

472059A 472083A 472084A 472132A 472649A 472168A 084594A


BOIA467868A467868A.102 467868A.103
467868A.104 467868A.105
467868A.106 467868A.107
The system unit
BB2A467869A467869A.105 467869A.106
Transceiver baseband board
BB2E468131A468131A.202Transceiver baseband board
BB2F469643A469643A.102 469643A.103
Transceiver baseband board
VXEA467201A467201A.101 467201A.102
467201A.103 467201A.104
The transmission unit(MC E1/T1)
VXTA467612A467612A.103 467612A.104
467612A.106 467612A.107
467612A.108 467612A.109 
The transmission unit(MXC E1)
VXTB467611A467611A.104 467611A.105
467611A.107 467611A.108
The transmission unit(MXC E1/T1)
VXRA467537A467537A.101The transmission unit(MC RRI)
VXRB467610A467610A.103 467610A.104
467610A.107 467610X.2 
The transmission unit(MXC RRI)
TSGA467800A467800A.105 467800A.106
467800A.107 467800A.108 
Carrier unit(900MHz)
TSGB468704A468704A.104 468704A.105
468704A.206 468704A.207
468704A.209 468704A.413 
Carrier unit(EDGE900 MHz)
TSDA467828A467828A.106 467828A.107
467828A.108 467828A.110
Carrier unit(1800MHz)
TSDB469089A469089A.207 469089A.209
Carrier unit(EDGE1800 MHz)
DVGA468216A468216A.101 468216A.102
468216A.103 468216A.104
Combiner unit(900MHz band)
DVHA468217A468217A.101 468217A.102
468217A.103 468217A.104
Combiner unit(900MHz H band)
DVDA468219A468219A.102 468219A.103
468219A.104 468219A.105
Combiner unit(1800MHz A band)
DVDB468220A468220A.103 468220A.104Combiner unit(1800MHz B band)
DVDC468619A468619A.101 468619A.102
468619A.103 468619A.104
Combiner unit(1800MHz band)
DVJA468218A468218A.101 468218A.103
Combiner unit(900MHz J band)
RTDA467858A467858A.102 467858A.103
Remote tune combiner(1800MHz A band)
RTDB467859A467859A.102 467859A.103Remote tune combiner(1800MHz B band)
RTDC468721A468721A.101 468721A.102
Remote tune combiner(1800MHz band)
RTGA467857A467857A.102 467857A.103
467857A.104 467857A.105
Remote tune combiner(900MHz band)
RTHA467861A467861A.101 467861A.102Remote tune combiner(900MHz H band)
RTJA467862A467862A.102 467862A.104Remote tune combiner(900MHz J band)
WCDA467834A467834A.101 467834A.102
467834A.103 467834A.104
Wideband combiner(GSM1800MHz)
WCGA467833A467833A.101 467833A.102
Wideband combiner(GSM900MHz)
M2LA468530A468530A.105 468530A.106
468530A.107 468530A.108
Receiver multicouplers(800/900MHz)
M6LA468531A468531A.101 468531A.102
468531A.104 468531A.105
Receiver multicouplers(800/900MHz)
M2HA468532A468532A.101 468532A.105
468532A.107 468532A.108
Receiver multicouplers(1800/1900MHz)
M6HA468533A468533A.104 468533A.105
Receiver multicouplers(1800/1900MHz)
PWSA467865A467865A.104 467865A.105
Power(220V AC)
PWSB467866A467866A.102 467866A.103
467866A.105 467866A.106
467866A.209 467866A.210
467866A.211 467866A.212
Power(24V DC)
PWSC468664A468664A.101 468664A.103
Power(-48V DC)
RFU063912A063912A.101 063912A.103
Cabinet backplane
COMMON082126A082126A.101 082126A.102Cabinet backplane
FAN066971A066971A.101 066971A.102
066971A.103 066971A.104
ESMA470246A470246A.102 470246A.103 470246A.104 470246A.105 470246A.106System module
ESEA470330A470330A.102 470330A.103 470330A.104 470330A.105System expansion modules
FIEA470247A470247A.102Transmission module (E1, SMB)
FIFA471007A471007A.105Transmission module (microwave interface 1X)
FIPA470248A470248A.101 470248A.102 470248A.103Transmission module (E1/T1, RJ45)
EOCA471576A471576A.101 Optical fiber remote unit
EXDA470216A470216A.101 470216A.102 470216A.103Dual carrier unit (1800MHz)
EXDB472045A472045A.101 472045A.102 472045A.103 472045A.104Dual carrier unit (E-EDGE, 1800MHz)
EXGA470215A470215A.101 470215A.102 470215A.103Dual carrier unit (900MHz)
EXGB472044A472044A.101 472044A.102 472044A.103Dual carrier unit (E-EDGE, 900MHz)
EWDA470256A Wideband combiner (1800MHz)
EWDB471493A471493A.101 471493A.102Wideband combiner (1800MHz)
EWGA470255A470255A.101Wideband combiner (GSM800MHz/900MHz)
EWGB471492A471492A.101 471492A.102 471492A.105Wideband combiner (900MHz)
ERDA470253A470253A.101 470253A.102Combiner (1800MHz)
ERGA470250A470250A.101 470250A.102Combiner (900MHz)
ECDA470260A470260A.101Narrow band combiner (1800MHz)
ECGA470258A470258A.101Narrow band combiner (900MHz)
FPAA470140A470140A.101 470140A.102 470140A.204Power supply (230VAC/48VDC)
FPAB471279A471279A.103Power supply (230VAC/48VDC)
FPDA470067A470067A.102Power (DC/DC 24~48V supply)
FSEB471424A471424A.202 471424A.203 471424A.304External alarm collection
FAN083180A083180A.101 083180A.103 083180A.104 083180A.10XFan
ESMB472109A472109A.101 472109A.102System module (18TRX)
ESMC472059A472059A.101 472059A.102System module (36TRX)
FXDA472083A472083A.101 472083A.102 472083A.203 472083A.X51RF module (18 frequency 900MHz)
FXEA472084A472084A.101 472084A.102 472084A.203RF module (18 frequency 1800MHz)
FHDA472132A472132A.102 472132A.203RF module (12 frequency 900MHz) support a total cell
FHEA472168A472084A.101 472168A.102 472084A.203RF module (12 frequency 1800MHz) support a total cell
FAN Assy084594A084594A.106 



[Packaging & Shipping]


1. The single board packing with normal cartons. And within 15 days we deliver the goods to you when we receive the deposite.
2. The whole cabinet packing with free fumigation wooden Box.Depend on the quantity you need and we receive the deposite then we will deliver in the short time.
[Our Services]
1. Customer Bill of lading date calculation. Hardware Warranty for 180 days.
2. Warranty terms with half a year later. If the equipment gets any problem, we provide service at 20% maintenance fee.
3. We promise that after the arrival of the goods, the appearance and function 100 percent intact.
4. We promise repair and replace the faulty plates, feedback cycle for 24 hours. Maintenance cycle within five working days.

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