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MMDS Channel Synthesizer

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MMDS Channel Synthesizer

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Product Details

MMDS digital/analog adjacent frequency multiplex synthesizer could be applied to adjacent or nonadjacent digital/analog field. After adjacent or nonadjacent being synthesized, multi-channels of RF signal can be transmitted through one antenna feeder, which can reduce the cost. Via this synthesizer, multi-transmitters can be integrated and debugged as one system, so could get the best quality and performance
Compatible with digital and analog transmission system
Applicable to MMDS digital and analog PAL G/I/D/K adjacent or nonadjacent synthesis
8MHz bandwidth, independent structure and could be assembled flexibly up to 23 channels in one synthesizer, according to the requirement of the transport system
Aluminum weld structure guarantees the connection stable and insertion loss low
Technical specification:
Working frequency range: (2500 - 2700) MHz
Output power: 200 Watts (at P-1 compression point)
Insertion loss: ≤ 1.3 dB
Adjacent frequency isolation: ≥ 35 dB
Flatness in-band: ≤ 0.2 dB
VSWR: 1.2
Channel input connector: L16 (N) type
Output connector: YX50-22-2 (7/8') flange
Working temperature range: 10-45 deg. C (representative value 15-27deg. C)
Relative humidity: 0 - 95 (no condensation at 25deg. C)
Dimensions: 253cm x 25cm x 78cm

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