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About Us

Techshopbd is one sort of your constant helping hand on whom you can rely, with no doubt, for any technological support and related assistance. To be more precise, it is an online retail store that sells the electronic bits and pieces needed for a competent electronic project. We don't discriminate among the bits and pieces on their sizes and range of use. Everything, that has even a minimum use at the project, is also considered with equal significance.

Hot Products

Soldering Kit ModelKit-00002 BrandPi Labs,Bangladesh SupplierPi Labs, Bangladesh TechshopBD, ...
Robotic Starter Kit ModelKit-00011 SupplierTechshop Bangladesh TechshopBD, Bangladesh
Power Supply Kit ModelKit-00003 BrandPi Labs,Bangladesh SupplierPi Labs, Bangladesh TechshopBD, ...
Onnorokom Biggyanbaksho (Alor Jholok) ModelKIT-00012 TechshopBD, Bangladesh
Obstacle Avoiding Robot Kit (Arduino) ModelKit-00020 SupplierTechshop Bangladesh TechshopBD, ...
3.3V/5V Breadboard Power Supply Kit ModelKit-00031 SupplierMade in China TechshopBD, Bangladesh

Company info

Company Name: techshopbd company
Country: China
Website: http://www.techshopbd.com/