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DTDR65 Time Domain Reflector

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DTDR65 Time Domain Reflector

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DTDR65 Time Domain Reflector

DTDR-65 time domain reflector show best RMS-Jitter performance 500fs. Rise time is 65ps.
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Outstanding Temperature Stability & Jitter-Performance

The Sequid DTDR-65 is optimized for an extremely stable operation. Due to sophisticated time base generation techniques in combination with proprietary correction algorithms the DTDR-65 (see also STDR-65) features a vertical and horizontal stability, which is usually reserved for the high-price segment: the random jitter is Jrms<500fs and the amplitude noise below Vrms<500V. Furthermore, the DTDR-65 grants this stability over a wide temperature range without the need for recurring calibrations, making it absolutely unique.

Laboratory & Outdoor

The STDR/DTDR-65 family was designed to match the demands of laboratory as well as of outdoor applications. Its periphery - as display & control elements - are intentionally reduced to a minimum and featuring a high International Protection Class (IP-Class) of IP55 which, in turn, is the basis for operation under rough environmental conditions. Of course, the DTDR-65 also unfolds its full performance in indoor use and fits with its compact form factor into your laboratory environment.

Software & Plug-ins

Beyond the traditional TDR technique the DTDR-65 provides further functionalities (available as software modules) as e.g. differential impedance measurements, fault detection & localization, dielectric constant of prepregs & cores, scattering parameter measurements (S11) and dielectric measurements (rsee also dielectric spectroscopy page) up to the GHz frequency range. Thus the DTDR-65 can be used in a wide variety of applications.

  • 2 differential step generators
  • 2 real-thru sampling modules
  • TDR Step rise time < 65ps (10%-90%)
  • TDR step amplitudes: Uout = 150mV (@50Ohm)
  • Analog input bandwidth10GHz
  • Extremely low jitter < 500fs
  • Channel-to-channel skew < 2.5ps
  • Fully integrated ESD protection module (optional)
  • Lab- & outdoor applications (IP55)
  • Dimensions 221x210x74mm3, weight 2800g
  • High temperature stability from 0°C to 40°C
  • No external components
  • USB-, Ethernet-, Bluetooth-, RS232-interfaces
    (further interfaces upon request)
  • Further accessories you find here

Standard (delivered with device)
RFQ-Scan User software featuring
o Typical TDR-functionality
o 3-Term-calibration-Wizard
Software module for single-ended im-pedance measurement (SMM-plus)
Software module for differential imped-ance measurement (SMM-Dplus)
Power supply (for indoor use only)
Operator’s manual & quick start guide
2m USB-cable for connection with PC
24-months standard limited warranty
Test certificate
Optional (order code)
Integrated ESD-Protection Module (SESD-PCS-D)
Motion Sensor (SESD-PMS): keeps ESD-Protection disabled during motion
Sequid’s Accu Pack for 3 hours of opera-tion in basic configuration (SAP)
Metallic Storage and Travel suitcase for safe transport and storage (SSTC)
Coaxial line sensor for permittivity meas-urements (SDM-G10)
Permittivity Measurement Software Module (SMM-PermCoax)
Software module for determining the dielectric constant of PCBs (SMM-EpsBase)
Software module for determining the frequency dependent dielectric constant of PCBS (SMM-EpsPlus)
Single-ended Time-Domain-Network-Analyzer functionality (SMM-S11)
Differential Time-Domain-Network-Analyzer functionality, (SMM-DS11 with SMM-S11 included)
3.5mm calibration kit (S03K1-R)
SMA Economy calibration kit (SCKE-SF-R)
USB foot switch (SUSB-FS2)

Precision 50single-ended cable (SCC-P)
Phase matched pair of cables (50) with less than 1 ps skew (SPMC-P)
Economy single ended probe with fixed 2.5 or 5.mm pitch (SSTP-E)
Precision differential probe with variable pitch from 0.5 to 1.5mm (SSTP-P)
Economy differential probe with fixed 1.0 or 2.5mm pitch (SDTP-E)
Precision differential probe with variable pitch from 0.5 to 5.0mm (SDTP-P)
For other interfaces (e.g. RS232 or Ether-net), please contact Sequid GmbH
Connector for PT100 (SPT100)

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