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6 5/8 REG Thread Milled Tooth Drill Bit 12 1/4 Inch With Tungsten Carbide Material

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6 5/8 REG Thread Milled Tooth Drill Bit 12 1/4 Inch With Tungsten Carbide Material

Country/Region china
City & Province hebei
Categories Refrigeration & Heat Exchange Parts

Product Details


6 5/8 REG Thread Milled Tooth Drill Bit 12 1/4 Inch With Tungsten Carbide Material




CommoditySizeIADCThread ConnectionWOB (Weight On Bit)RPMFormation


12 1/4INCH

127 6 5/8API REG 



150~60Medium formation with high compressive strength ,such as medium soft shale,medium softlimestone,medium soft sandstone,medium formation with harder and abrasive interbeds,etc.
WOB (KN/mm)PRM(r/min)
Low compressive strength, high drill-ability and extremely soft formation, like soft shale, clay, salt rock, etc.
Low compressive strength, high drill-ability and soft formation, like shale, clay, salt rock and soft limestone, etc.
136/137Soft to medium soft with low compressive strength or soft with hard interlayer, like anhydrite, soft limestone, sandstone, etc.
216/217Medium hard formation with relatively high compressive strength and hard interlayer, like hard shale, sandstone. limestone, etc.



How to chosse the right tricone bit for yourself?


Soft formation TCI tricone bits:
The soft formation TCI tricone bits are used to drill low compressive strength, very soft formations. This bit maximized to use of both conical and chisel tungsten carbide inserts of large diameters and high projection. This cutting structure design, combined with maximum cone offset, results in high bit penetration rates. The deep intermesh of cutter rows prevents bit bailing in sticky formations.

Medium formation TCI tricone bits:
The medium formation TCI tricone bits features aggressive chisel tungsten carbide inserts on the heel rows and inner rows. This design provides a fast drilling rate and added cutting structure durability in medium to medium hard for mations. The HSN rubber O-ring provides adequate sealing for bearing durability.


Hard formation TCI tricone bits:
The hard formation TCI tricone bits can be used to drill hard and abrasive formations. Wear resistance tungsten carbide inserts are used in the outer rows to prevent loss of bit gauge. Maximum numbers of hemispherical shaped inserts are used in all rows to provide cutter durability and long life.


Product Pictures

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Hebei Yichuan Drilling Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd has more than 20 years manufacturing and design experience,We specialize in researching and production of TCI Tricone Bit,Steel Tooth tricone bit,PDC bit,Drag bit,HDD hole opener,Tricone bit cutter and Drilling Accessories,application fields includes oil well drilling,gas well drilling,geothermal well drilling,mining,geological survey,hydrographic survey,water well drilling,HDD pipelinesprojects,foundation projects.

Our goal is provide the best quality products and service to our customers,we have professional R&D team,domestic advanced production equipment and precision instruments Reduce the cost,Speed the drilling,Guarantee the safety is always our aim.

Win-win cooperation is our ultimate pursuit. Contact us feel free if you are finding drill bit manufacture.


Our Services


1 We are manufacture can supply good quality goods and competitive price

2 We not only have ourselves design but also can accept customization

3 We have fast and on time delivery time

4 Every bits have it's quality assurance

5 Contact our anytime if you have any question with bits.

6 24 hours on time reply

production process


First of all we want let you know that we are one of more than 20 years manufacture loacted in Hejian City Hebei China.

We have so many clients from all over the world and not with the lowest price win clinet's choose, we depend on the quality to do business for every client. We know business not easy and get one client also very difficult so we must service in good faith. So please remember our promise that what you pay what you gain. We will honest offer the equel quality goods for you.


1 Q: Are you manufacture?

A: Yes, we are and more than 20 years.


2 Q: Where are you located in?

A: We are located in Hejian City Cangzhou City Hebei China


3 Q:What's your mainly product?

A: Our mainly products are TCI tricone bit, Steel tooth tricone bit, sigle cone bit, HDD HOLE OPPENER and so on.also can as per your demand produce such as PDC drag.


4 Q: What's your MOQ?

A: Our MOQ 5 pieces, but if you just want sample test quality we also can supply to you.


5 Q: How many day with your delivery?

A: We can delivery goods with 7 days if we have goods in stock, if need produce with your demand we will negotionation with you.


6 Q: Do you have used drill bit ?

A: Yes we have and price are very competitive, welcome inquiry us anytime.

More question you want to know, contact us feel free without hesitaded. No matter how far from us but Communication without borders.


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Company NameHebei Yichuan Drilling Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd



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