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IP65 High Definition Taxi Top Led Display 55296dots / set Physical density

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IP65 High Definition Taxi Top Led Display 55296dots / set Physical density

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Taxi Roof Digital Advertising from Ocolour P3.33 High Definition Taxi Topper LED Display


Ocolour is a Chinese technology company based in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. The company was founded by a group of professional led engineering executives. Our mission is developing leading-edge digital media led display technologies for taxitop rooftops and taxi interiors advertising market.


Ocolour’s Free Cloud Platform enables business to display their brand, promotions, or advertising campaigns with geo-time targeting capacity in an creative and attractive digital led display fashion.


Through our easy to use ad delivery and management system, we assist our clients in reaching their customers with targeted exposure.

Ocolour’s Free Cloud Platform strives to be the global leader in digital geo-time targeted advertising media system for modern taxi fleets. To learn more about how Ocolour’s Free Cloud Platform can help you with your digital media strategies, contact us at info@ocolour.com


The led digital taxi top led display product


Ocolour’s Free Cloud Platform for taxi advertising is the industrial-leading in the world that is designed for taxi roof top advertising. Our geo-targeted advertising management system is regarded as the next generation of smart wireless taxi advertising technology. The Cloud Platform allow advertisers to display ads on the taxi top display based on time and location. Your ads will be targeted and only displayed when and where you deem necessary for maximum impact. Our Cloud Platform also provide accurate and usage reporting.


The unique Free Cloud Platform advertising system is centrally managed by a high performance Cloud-based server in USA. As such, it is hands-free and requires no time or intervention from the taxi drivers or the advertising agencies and no need for internal infrastructure. In addition, our engineers are always monitoring system performance and upgrade functionally with routine software upgrades.


The Free Cloud Platform taxi ad management box is installed along with an IP65 taxi led display on vehicles in a taxi fleet, and it contains the processors, GPS, WiFi, 3G/4G, or even light sensor, temperature sensor and humidity sensor.


By installing the Free Cloud Platform taxi advertising system, taxi companies can take advantage of a significant source of new revenue and make your existing taxi service more iconic and modern looking.


For more information on our Free Cloud Platform and services, please contact us at: info@ocolour.com


Benefit of Led Digital Taxi Advertising

The outdoor audience is continually growing as the number of people driving and commuting increases. People are spending more time away from home, meaning more exposure to outdoor digital advertising. Time spent viewing mobile outdoor advertising increases every day. According to Arbitron Outdoor Study, RYP & Becker Group, 28% of the lengthiest commuters do not read a newspaper and 75% of commuters do not watch TV news either.


1) On-the-Move Digital Taxi Roof Advertising: As the taxi roams through your designated metropolitan area, your advertisement is continuously being displayed.


2) Maximum Impact: Ocolour Led rooftop taxi display is a double-sided bright display panel, brightness is more than 5000nits, so your advertisement is displayed on both panels, increasing your advertisement’s exposure.


3) Light Bright Constant Exposure: Day or night, your ads will be visible to pedestrians, drivers, and passengers at the right time and the right place on both sides of the roof top display panel.


4) Right Height Visibility: For street viewers being roof-mounted and at eye level, the ad’s visibility is optimal. For taxi passengers, you will also deliver your message through going on/off the taxi.


5) On Location & Time: Promotional messages are broadcast to the right people, in the right place, at the right time for optimal delivery.


Real-Time Geo-Targeted Advertising


Ocolour has introduced a powerful Free Cloud Platform taxi ads system that enables the business to display its brand, products, or promotion campaign with geo-time targeting ability in an innovative and attractive digital display fashion.


The smart Free Cloud Platform ads system displays the targeted advertisement based on prespecified location, date, time, and neighborhood demographics on large full-color RGB bright digital taxi rooftop double-sided mobile led billboards. The displays on the taxis travelling around the city are wirelessly connected and can be updated simultaneously or individually in less than a second of sending an update from your PC, Ipad, or even your smart phones, wherever there is Internet access.


Ocolour Free Cloud Platform enables advertisers to deploy location & time based digital advertising on taxitop LED display. Our intelligent platform is more than just an advertising management system. It allows the following:


· Select geographical location of the ads to be displayed

· Review and manage advertising material

· Real time and fast uploads of image or video ads

· Select the time of the day for the ads to be displayed

· Schedule an advertising campaign to be run

· Specify daily spending limits/budget

· Update your advertising material during the campaign

· Receive detailed per second based reporting on your ad display


Fleet Managers or Agencies


In addition to the above functionality for advertisers, a fleet manager or an agency can perform the following


· Manage/register new taxis and tablets to your fleet as required

· Review and approve/disapprove client submitted display advertisings

· Automatically receive the latest software updates and patches


All of the above is managed through a centralized cloud based and high performance server solution hosted by Ocolour in USA. Avoid the headaches of managing server systems and software solutions and instead rely on a dedicated staff of engineers and support staff.


Through Ocolour Free Cloud Platform taxitop LED display systems, transform every street corner into an accessible advertising stage, thus enabling ease of brand or service communication with the public anywhere. In addition, for interested clients, our company provides all-in-one taxi interior advertising where the captive passengers are immersed in ad viewing at the same time that the onlookers view the ads on the taxi rooftop. For more information on Ocolour Free Cloud Platform, please contact us via our webpage and send us a message. Alternatively drop us an email on: info@ocolour.com

Popular Application:

Digital Rooftop LED Display Ads



Technical Parameters

Screen model


R chip (wavelength range: 620-630nm, 5nm)

Brightness range: 500-900mcd

G chip (wavelength range: 460-470nm, 4nm)

Brightness range: 1200-1500mcd

B chip (Wavelength range: 520-530nm, 4nm)

Brightness range: 300-450mcd


Led configuration

SMD 3 IN 1: SMD1921

Pixel pitch (mm)


Module resolution (W X H)

W 96 x H 96 dots

Module dimension(W x H inch)

W 12.6 x H 12.6 


Module quantity(W × H)

W 3 × H 1, per side

Cabinet resolution(W × H)

W 288 × 96 dots, per side

Cabinet dimension(W x H inch)

W 37.80 x H 12.60 inch per side
(W 960 x H 320 mm per side)

Cabinet surface area(sq.ft)

3.31 sq.ft / (0.31sq.m) per side

Physical pixel density totally

55296 pixels


≥5300nits with PC window

Cabinet flatness(inch)

≤0.08inch (0.2mm)



Cabinet material


Cabinet weight


Optical parameters

Single-point brightness correction


Single-point color correction


Color temperature(K)

3200—9300 adjustable

Horizontal viewing angle


Viewing angle (Vertical)


Brightness Uniformity


Color uniformity


Contrast ratio


Electrical parameters

Max power consumption


Average power consumption

80-250W per unit of taxi screen

Power supply


Security Features


Drive mode

Constant Current Driver, 1/12 scan

Gray scale level

10 bit

Refresh rate(Hz)



≥14 bit

Module comes with power failure

Save luminance, Color correction, module data

Use parameter

Life time(hrs)

100,000 hours

Operating temperature / humidity

-40F–140F (-40-60℃) /5%-95%RH(non-condensing)

Storage temperature / humidity

-40F–140F (-40-60℃) /5%-95%RH(non-condensing)




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