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Cryogenic Oxygen Plant

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Cryogenic Oxygen Plant

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Product Details

Oxygen plant
Main technique target of Oxygen plant
Products Capacity (m3/hr) Purity(%) Pressure(Mpa)
Oxygen 50-2000 99.6-99.8 0.25-22
Liquid Oxygen Right amount 99.6-99.8% 0.25
Nitrogen 50-3000 99.99-99.999 0.5-22
Liquid Nitrogen Right amount 99.99-99.999 0.5-1.1
We can provide the special designs as the user requires.
Main equipment of Oxygen plant
1、 Air compressor
2、 Air tank
3、 Precision filter
4、 Air pre-cooling system
5、 Water separator
6、 Molecular sieve purification system
7、 Heater or molecular sieve purification system
8、 Rectification column
9、 Heater or the rectification column
10、Gas bearing turbo-expander
11、Liquid Oxygen Pump
12、Filling device
13、Electrical & instrument control system
14、Liquid storage tanks
15、Gas cylinders, etc
Main Features of Oxygen plant
* This development and design of flow is new, my company use the technology to mature.
* Simple operation, convenient maintenance, starting time is short, unit power consumption is low.
* Oxygen of high purity and very stable, meet and exceed technical indicators of GB8982-1998《medical oxygen》
* Use of air cooling equipment, do not need cooling water, adaptable, saving the cost.
*Security -- The outside compression process is oxygen be compressed at room temperature, The inside compression process is liquid oxygen be compressed at low temperature, Security than more with the inside compression process; Extraction a lot of liquid oxygen from evaporation-condenser, To ensure that no ac**ulation of hydrocarbons; Evaporation of high pressure with liquid oxygen, reducing the possibility of hydrocarbon ac**ulation; Reducing fire hazards.
* Reliability - liquid oxygen pump excellent performance, easy to maintain; Booster compressor is one or two compression, oxygen compressor Booster compressor is three or five compression, High reliability with booster compressor.

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