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Shenzhen Yano Technology Co., Ltd

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Shenzhen Yano Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading sewing solutions provider in the world, founded in 2003.The company devoted to providing advanced integrated solutions for sewing manufacturers of clothes, shoes and hats, bags and toys, etc., covers many fields including upgrading of production line, process optimization, equipment handpicking and solution consulting, etc.. The company has a long history and rich experiences in sewing equipment industry, years of development, its several brands of sewing equipment and accessories like JOOKE”, FASOO”, etc., have earned worldwide reputation by their high quality and close service. The company is national high-tech enterprise, leading sewing equipment manufacturer in Guangdong province. Yano have established an internationally high level team of experts on R&D and management as well as possess series of advanced devices and equipments and modernized manufacturing bases, and have gained a lot of patents in the field, and many items of key technologies have been keeping ahead internationally. Today, sizing up the situation of the diversification of sewing product and the flourishing of sewing industry globally, Yano set its strategic object becoming leading sewing solutions provider in the world.

Yano holds its ground of initiation all the time and ploughs into research and development of solutions and products. Mr. Arthur Chen, the founder of the company, began to be absorbed in the business, application, and analysis and exploring of all kinds of industrial sewing machine as early as from the end of last century, and especially has been keeping close relations with the advanced technology of this field of Taiwan till now. Nowadays, the company has pay huge investment to R&D, and set up several high-level R&D base including Intellectual Equipment Engineering Center”, and established corporative relations of combining manufacturers, universities and institutions with a lot of universities and institutes like Tsinghua, SCUT, and SIAT, etc..

Yano established a system of QM & QA surpassing ISO standard, so that the quality of the products can be completely assured. All the equipments and instruments have been up to the highest level, and all the processes have achieved automatization and intelligentization. All the solutions, productions and services invariably exhibit sky-high quality level so as to be praised by global market.  

All the time, Yano specialized in R&D, manufacturing and service of industrial sewing equipments and fittings, its yearly comprehensive productive capacity of unitized equipments and fittings can achieve several hundred thousand pieces and sets, the product series covered whole machine like lockstitch, chain stitch, overlook, covering stitch, button attaching, buttonhole, bar tracking, waist stitching, trouser bottom hemming, zigzag seaming, blind seaming, sleeve seaming, pocket welting, pleating(ruffling), pattern of high-speed and super-high-speed, single, twin, and multi-needles, multi-thread, direct drive, computer-controlled, automatic thread trimming, etc., and auxiliary device like electric belt feeding mechanism, automatic thread trimmer devices for covering stitch sewing machine and three-segment vertical operation control footplate, etc., which will meet the requirement of all arrangement of sewing process of garments, shoes and hats, bags and toys. Especially the high-speed electric bar tracking sewing machine, automatic waist-stitching with cylinder bed sewing machine, and automatic thread trimming devices for covering stitch sewing machine, etc., always keep ahead in the world

After years of quick development, its brands like JOOKE”, FASOO”, etc. have become well known in China, and are infiltrating rapidly into overseas market like Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, North America and South America. The brands like JOOKE” ,”FASOO”, etc. have been placed among energetically supported brands by governments of the nation, Guangdong province and Shenzhen city by their excellent qualities and close services. Now, with setting up of sale nodes in many big and middle-sized cities, the company are accelerating overseas distribution and deploitation, and the brands like JOOKE” FASOO” etc. are one after another pullulating to have influences internationally.  

Yano will forever rank human resources the first among all resources of the company. The company provides excellent development space and platform,  and have attracted numbers of first-rank talent to join into the big family Yano Group. Yano own top class teams of technological experts in the industry, and international level teams of management and marketing, and numbers of skilled operators of production and inspect

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Company Name: Shenzhen Yano Technology Co., Ltd
Country: China
Website: http://www.szyano.com/