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TV Tuner Series (TV308)LCD TV Box

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TV Tuner Series (TV308)LCD TV Box

Country/Region China
City & Province Shenzhen Guangdong

Product Details

Product Name:LCD TV Tuner Box / Analog tv tuner Box

LCD TV box series color television receiver in the PC computer also has a PIP (manufacturing) function, and let you in the use of computers can also enjoy exciting television. In addition, it has a  multi-picture browsing functions so that you can not change the television channel to visit each channel programs.
LCD TV box series color television receivers also have a powerful computer noise suppression function allows images more delicate, clear and stable.


1.Advanced scanning frequency technology upgrading, regeneration rates between convenience in 60HZ--75HZ cut over, the images without content.
2.Resolution in(640*480/800*600/1024*768/1280*1024/1440*900/1680*1050/1920*1200)facilitate cut over to the full compatibility of CRT and LCD monitor.
3.4/9/16 unique picture visit function.
4.Super 3D graphics Reduce noise functions for picture more clear and stable.
5.Unique PIP (manufacturing) function, and that the window size and location may be adjusted.
6.Function remote control and humanization of English menu operation, and the menu size and location could be arbitrary adjustments.
7.Never leave station frequency (PLL)lock

HF first apply to cable and antenna reception.  
8.A piece of AV/S interface can connect with DVD/PDP/PS2 game equipment.  
9.Broadband (200MHZ) PC/TV cut over switches. Embedded speakers.

Technical  specification:
Power inputDC 5V1A
RF input47870MHz
Video input1Vp-pPAL/NTSC
frequency output H frequency37KHz64KHz
                 V frequency60Hz75Hz

LCD TV BOX---------------------------------one set
LCD TV BOX USERS MANUAL------------------one piece
Remote controller--------------------------one piece
Power interface----------------------------one piece
Stereo audio line -------------------------one piece
VGA line-----------------------------------one piece

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