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Chaoyi is a professional manufacturer of carton waste stripper machine in Chinaincluding designing, producing, sale and after-sales service. Science and technology innovation for development, quality for survival is our concept innovation. Our mission is making international standard quality carton waste stripper machine and try our best to service customer.

Our main products are Pneumatic carton waste stripper, Electric carton waste stripper, Carton waster stripper for inner hole, Double head eyelet machine, Chamfering machine , Dado-head machine and so on.

Carton waste stripper mainly use for printing factory, paper products factory, carton factory and so on. Good quality and professional service are the key point we got so many customers. All the main components are from Taiwan or other European countries. We will change the new component for you if need during warranty period.

Chaoyi is the professional manufacturer of carton waste stripper in China, we supply the goods and service to thousands of customers. Chaoyi is also the good partner of some manufacturers of semiautomatic waste stripper in the world.

Facing the fierce market competition, we insist the concept of "customer first, good quality". We try to become the good leader of manufacturing waste stripper and develop the new products which can save more time and cost for customers.

Hot Products

Product name : HS-2936S Product No. : 20187416105 Price : USD510~USD600 type : air waste stripper ...
Product name : HS-2936 Product No. : 20187415287 Price : USD510~USD600 type : air waste stripper ...
Product name : HS-2836L Product No. : 201873234917 Price : USD465~USD565 type : air waste stripper ...
Product name : HS-2836S Product No. : 201873215447 Price : USD450~USD550 type : air waste stripper ...
Product name : HS-2836 Product No. : 201873201437 Price : USD450~ USD550 type : air waste stripper ...
Product name : HS-280S Product No. : 20187319398 Price : USD 358~ USD 558 type : air waste stripper ...

Company info

Country: China
Website: http://www.szchaoyimachine.com/