15W universal Power Adapters GFP151DA fixed plug for desktop

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15W universal Power Adapters GFP151DA fixed plug for desktop

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City & Province shenzhen guangdong
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Product Details

15W International Power Plug Adapters GFP151DA desktop, fixed AC cable type.

15W Power Adapter

Model : GFP151DA-XXXXXX-1
  • Market: USA,Canada,Japan,China,Europe,Australia,England
  • Desk-top Type
  • Meet CEC Regulations
  • ROHS Compliance
  • Efficiency Level V

General Specifications

Maximum output power:15W
Input voltage:90~264Vac
Input Frequency:47Hz~63Hz
Input Current:0.36A
No Load Power Consumption:Less than 0.3W
Efficiency: Meet CEC
Ripple noise (max):+1% voltage Max
Line Regulation:±1%
Load Regulation:±5%
Hold-Up Time:16mS
Over Voltage Protection:120%
Operating Temperature:0~40°C
Storage Temperature:-20~85°C
Storage Humidity:5%RH~90%RH
Withstand voltage:AC 3KV
Burn-In Test:100% Full Load
Weight:ABOUT 150g


LxWxH: 68.5x50x26.5 (mm)

GFP151DA-030250-1 3.0V-3.9V 0.01-2.5A
GFP151DA-040250-1 4.0V-4.9V 0.01-2.5A
GFP151DA-050250-1 5.0V-5.9V 0.01-2.5A
GFP151DA-060230-1 6V 0.01-2.3A
GFP151DA-061200-1 6.1V-6.9V 0.01-2.0A
GFP151DA-070200-1 7.0V-7.9V 0.01-2.0A
GFP151DA-090160-1 9V 0.01-1.6A
GFP151DA-091150-1 9.1V-9.9 0.01-1.5A
GFP151DA-100150-190-264VAC10V 0.01-1.5A
GFP151DA-101130-1(47-63Hz)10.1V-10.9V 0.01-1.3A
GFP151DA-110130-1 11.1V-11.5V 0.01-1.3A
GFP151DA-116125-1 11.6V-11.9V 0.01-1.25A
GFP151DA-120125-1 12V 0.01-1.25A
GFP151DA-121115-1 12.1V-12.9V 0.01-1.15A
GFP151DA-130115-1 13V-13.5V 0.01-1.15A
GFP151DA-136110-1 13.6V-13.9V 0.01-1A
GFP151DA-140100-1 14V-14.9V 0.01-1A
GFP151DA-150100-1 15V 0.01-1A
GFP151DA-151090-1 15.1V-15.9V 0.01-0.9A
GFP151DA-160085-1 16V-16.9V 0.01-0.85A
GFP151DA-180075-1 18V-18.9V 0.01-0.75A
GFP151DA-190070-1 19V-19.9V 0.01-0.70A
GFP151DA-200065-1 20V-20.9V 0.01-0.65A
GFP151DA-210060-1 21V-21.9V 0.01-0.6A
GFP151DA-220060-1 22V-22.9V 0.01-0.6A
GFP151DA-230060-1 23V-23.9V 0.01-0.6A
GFP151DA-240060-1 24V 0.01-0.6A
GFP151DA-241055-1 24.1V-24.9V 0.01-0.55A


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