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Address: Room 3204, Building, Guanhu Garden, Binhu New Zone, Hefei City,230601, Anhui Province, China

Contact name:JACK FAN

Anhui Uniform Trading Co.Ltd

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About Us

ANHUI UNIFORM TRADING CO., LTD. (AUTC), as an international trading enterprise, established in 2011, located in beautiful city Hefei , Anhui Pro., China, which has convenient facilities of transportation. More than 20 professional team service with trading partners around the world. AUTC has a large scale trading system, good commercial reputation and enterprise strength, which is appreciated by merchants not only internally but also externally.


AUTC mainly deals with exporting and processes trading of products as follows, the markets spread to over more than 20 countries and regions:

  1. AUTC-EP: Environment cleaning products

    indoor cleaning engineering materials, floor rotary brushes, sweeper brushes, floor scrubber brushes, carpet brushes, snow brushes,

  2. AUTC-GP: Glass deep-processing products

    Ultra clear tempered glass, borosilicate glass, optics glass, glass light guide, glass prism, glass lens, glass sash,window glass, coating lens, LCD, touch screen, touch panel

  3. AUTC-HP: Health products

  4. orthopedic implants, dental instrument, surgical instrument, disposable device, hospital bed, hospital equipment

  5. AUTC-IP: Industrial parts

    refrigerator parts, washer parts, wire brushes, seamless gas cylinder, magnetic materials,

    permanent magnet Fe, aluminium sheet, aluminium tube, cooper tube

  6. AUTC-LP: Labour protective equipment

    Safety shoes, protective boots, protective gloves, protective garment, protective suit

  7. AUTC-NP: Network communication accessories

    network cabinets, telecommunication accessories

  8. AUTC-TP: Transport packing materials

    wooden pallet, plastic pallets, pass box, plastic circulation boxes, non-woven fabric bags, shopping bags, aluminum foil tape, acrylic foam tape, double sided tape, double sticky tape, packaging film, paper roll core


    AUTC are well known and accepted by many foreign country customers all over the world. The professional sales and quality team of AUTC are high-efficiency, keen-witted, honest and trustworthiness. We hereby make the commitment that we will provide you with quality and cheap products and thoughtful service.

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Company info

Company Name: Anhui Uniform Trading Co.Ltd
City: hefei
Province: anhui
Country: china
Address: Room 3204, Building, Guanhu Garden, Binhu New Zone, Hefei City,230601, Anhui Province, China