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AB 1747-L553 1747-M13 1756-CN2R 1756-EN2T 1756-RM   NEW ORIGINAL PLC IN STOCK

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Cygnus Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

AB 1747-L553 1747-M13 1756-CN2R 1756-EN2T 1756-RM   NEW ORIGINAL PLC IN STOCK

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Any enquiry pls send me email or other methods you available.
whatsapp&mobile: +86-17354319552
E-mail: sophia_9090@163.com
skype: sophia_9090@163.com
QQ: 2747366625
Contact: Sophia
we offer
Rockwell (A-B): 1756,1785,1771,1746,1747,1769,1794,1784 etc., and some discontinued spare parts.
SCHENIDER: Modi Quantum 140 series processors, control cards, power modules, etc.
GE FANUC FANUC: IC697, IC693, IC695, IC200, DS200, DS3800,
Siemens ((MOORE); 6ES5, 6ES7 (400 series, part) 6DD, 6DS, 6GK, 6A V, 6RA (some models)
ABB: Robot Control System DSQC Series
BAILEY: 3500 and discontinued spare parts
Westinghouse: OVATION system, WDPF system, WEStation system spare parts
Bosch Rexroth: Indramat, I / O module, PLC controller, servo control, drive module, etc.
Packaging & Shipping
1. We will ship the items within 3 working days after the payment is reached.
2. All the goods will be tested before shipment.
3. Packing in professional anti-static bag.
4. We can ship to you by DHL/UPS/EMS/Fedex... Pls contact us directly and we will ship as your requirement.

1756A7KControlLogix 7 Slot Chassis
1756A7XTControlLogix 7 Slots XT Chassis
1756BA1ControlLogix FlexLogix Battery
1756BA2ControlLogix L6X Ser B ONLY Battery Assy
1756BATAReplacement For 1756-BATM Battery Assy
1756BATMControlLogix Battery Module
1756CFMControlLogix Config Flowmeter Module
1756CJCCJC Thermistors (Qty 2)
1756CN2ControlLogix Communication Module
1756CN2RControlLogix Communication Module
1756CN2RKControlLogix Communication Module
1756CN2RXTControlLogix Temp ControlNet Module
1756CNBControlLogix Communication Module
1756CNBRControlLogix Communication Module
1756CNBRKControlLogix Communication Module
1756CP3Logix Family RS232 Programmer Cable
1756CPR2ControlLogix Redundant Supply Cable
1756CPR2DControlLogix Redundant Supply Cable Down
1756CPR2UControlLogix Redundant Supply Cable Up
1756DHRIOControlLogix DH Plus/RIO Comms Module
1756DNBControlLogix DeviceNet Comms Module
1756EN2FControlLogix Enet/IP Fiber Optic Module
1756EN2TRXTControlLogix XT Dual Port EtherNet/IP Mo
1756EN2TSCEtherNet/IP Hi Prof Sngl Port VPN Bridge
1756EN3TRControlLogix Ethernet Motion Module
1756ENBTControlLogix Enet/IP Comms Module
1756ENBTKControlLogix Communication Module
1756ESMCAPKControlLogix Energy Storage Module CAP
1756ESMCAPXTL7XT Energy Storage Module-Capacitor
1756ESMNRMKControlLogix Energy Storage Module NRM
1756ESMNSEControlLogix Energy Storage Module
1756ESMNSEKControlLogix Energy Storage Module NSE
1756EWEBControlLogix ENET/IP Web Server Module
1756HIST1GHistorian ME 1 Gig in ControlLogix Rack
1756HIST2GHistorian ME 2 Gig in ControlLogix Rack
1756HSCControlLogix High Speed Counter Module
1756HYD02ControlLogix Hydraulic Servo Module
1756IA16ControlLogix 16 Pt D/I 120V AC Module
1756IA16IControlLogix Input Module
1756IA16IKControlLogix 16 Point Digital Input
1756IA16KControlLogix 16 Point Digital Input
1756IA32ControlLogix 32 Pt D/I 120V AC Module
1756IA8DControlLogix 8 Point D/I Module
1756IB16ControlLogix 16 Pt 12/24V DC D/I Module
1756IB16DControlLogix 16 Point D/I Module
1756IB16DKControlLogix 16 Point D/I Module
1756IB16IControlLogix Input Module
1756IB16IFControlLogix 16 Point Digital Input
1756IB16IFKControlLogix 16 Point Digital Input
1756IB16ISOEControlLogix 16 Isolated Point Module
1756IB16KControlLogix 16 Pt 12/24V DC D/I Module
1756IB32ControlLogix 32 Pt 12/24V DC D/I Module
1756IB32KControlLogix 32 Point Digital Input
1756IC16ControlLogix 16 Pt 48V DC D/I Module
1756IF16ControlLogix 16 Pt A/I Module
1756IF16HControlLogix 16 Pt A/I HART Module
1756IF16KControlLogix 16 Point Analog Input
1756IF6CISControlLogix 6 Point A/I Module
1756IF6IControlLogix 6 Point Isolated A/I Module
1756IF8ControlLogix 8 Point A/I Module
1756IF8HControlLogix 8 Point A/I HART Module
1756IF8IControlLogix 8 Point Analog Input
1756IF8IHControlLogix 8 Pt A/I HART Isolated
1756IF8IKControlLogix 8 Point Analog Input Isolat
1756IF8KControlLogix 8 Point Analog Input
1756IG16ControlLogix 16 Pt 5VDC D/I Module
1756IH16IControlLogix 16 Point D/I Module
1756IH16ISOEControlLogix 16 Point D/I Module
1756IM16IControlLogix 16 Point D/I Module
1756IM16IKControlLogix 16 Point Digital Input
1756IN16ControlLogix 16 Pt D/I 24V AC Module
1756IR12ControlLogix 12 Pt RTD Input Module
1756IR6IControlLogix 6 Pt Isolated RTD In Module
1756IRT8IControlLogix 8 Point RTD/Thermocouple In
1756IRT8IKControlLogix 8 Point RTD/Thermocouple In
1756IT16ControlLogix 16 Pt TC Input Module
1756IT6IControlLogix 6 Pt Isolated TC In Module
1756IT6I2ControlLogix 6 Pt Enhanced TC In Module
1756IV16ControlLogix 16 Pt 12/24V DC D/I Module
1756IV32ControlLogix 32 Pt 12/24VDC D/I Module
1756JMPRControlLogix Jumper Bar
1756L61ControlLogix 2 MB Memory Controller
1756L61SGuardLogix 2 MB Standard Mem Controller
1756L62ControlLogix 4 MB Memory Controller
1756L62SGuardLogix 4 MB Standard Mem Controller
1756L63ControlLogix 8 MB Memory Controller
1756L63SGuardLogix 8 MB Standard Mem Controller
1756L63XTControlLogix XT 8 MB Memory Controller
1756L64ControlLogix 16 MB Memory Controller
1756L65ControlLogix 32 MB Memory Controller
1756L71ControlLogix 2 MB Controller
1756L71KControlLogix 2 MB Controller
1756L71SLogix 5571S Automation Controller 2/1M
1756L72ControlLogix 4 MB Controller
1756L72EROMArmorControlLogix On Machine Controller
1756L72EROMSArmorGuardLogix On Machine Safety Contro
1756L72KControlLogix 4 MB Controller
1756L72SLogix 5572S Automation Controller 4M/2M
1756L72SKLogix 5573S Automation Controller 4M/2M
1756L73ControlLogix 8 MB Controller
1756L73KControlLogix 8 MB Controller
1756L73SLogix 5573S Automation Controller 8M/4M
1756L73SKLogix 5573S Automation Controller 8M/4M
1756L73SXTLogix 5573SXT Automation Controller 8/4M
1756L73XTControlLogix 8MB Controller L7XT
1756L74ControlLogix 16 MB Controller
1756L74KControlLogix 16 MB Controller
1756L75ControlLogix 32 MB Controller
1756L75KControlLogix 32 MB Controller
1756L7SPLogix L7SP SIL 3 PLe Safety Partner
1756L7SPKLogix L7SP SIL 3 PLe Safety Partner
1756L7SPXTLogix L7SPXT SIL 3 PLe Safety Partner
1756L83EControlLogix 10MB controller
1756L85EControlLogix 40MB controller
1756LSC8XIB8IControlLogix 8 Point Counter Input
1756LSPGuardLogix Safety Partner
1756M02AEControlLogix 2 Axis Analog Servo Module
1756M02ASControlLogix Analog SSI Motion Module
1756M03SEControlLogix 3 Axis SERCOS Servo Module
1756M08SEControlLogix 8 Axis SERCOS Servo Module
1756M08SEGControlLogix Generic Motion Module
1756M16SEControlLogix 16 Axis SERCOS Servo Module
1756N2ControlLogix Empty Slot Cover
1756N2XTControlLogix XT Empty Slot Filler
1756OA16ControlLogix 16 Point D/O Module
1756OA16IControlLogix 16 Point D/O Module
1756OA16IKControlLogix 16 Point Digital Output
1756OA16KControlLogix 16 Point Digital Output
1756OA8ControlLogix 8 Pt D/O 120/240V AC Module
1756OA8DControlLogix 8 Point D/O Module
1756OA8EControlLogix 8 Point D/O Module
1756OB16DControlLogix 16 Pt 24V DC D/O Module
1756OB16DKControlLogix 16 Point Digital Output
1756OB16EControlLogix 16 Point D/O Module
1756OB16EKControlLogix 16 Point Digital Output
1756OB16IControlLogix 16 Point D/O Module
1756OB16IEFControlLogix 16 Point Digital Output
1756OB16IEFKControlLogix 16 Point Digital Output
1756OB16IEFSControlLogix 16 Point Digital Output
1756OB16ISControlLogix 16 Point D/O Module
1756OB32ControlLogix 32 Pt 12/24V DC D/O Module
1756OB32KControlLogix 32 Point Digital Output
1756OB8ControlLogix 8 Pt 12/24V DC D/O Module
1756OB8EIControlLogix 8 Point D/O Module
1756OC8ControlLogix 8 Point D/O Module
1756OF4ControlLogix 4 Point A/O I or V Module
1756OF6CIControlLogix 6 Pt Isolated Module
1756OF6VIControlLogix 6 Pt Iso A/O Voltage Module
1756OF8ControlLogix 8 Pt A/O I or V Module
1756OF8HControlLogix 8 Pt A/O I or V HART Module
1756OF8IControlLogix 8 Point Analog Output
1756OF8IHControlLogix 8 Pt A/O HART Isolated
1756OF8IKControlLogix 8 Point Analog Output Isola
1756OF8KControlLogix 8 Point Analog Output
1756OG16ControlLogix 16 Point D/O Module
1756OH8IControlLogix 8 Point D/O Module
1756ON8ControlLogix 8 Point D/O Module
1756OV16EControlLogix 16 Point D/O Module
1756OV32EControlLogix 32 Point D/O Module
1756OW16IControlLogix 16 Pt Digital Relay Module
1756OW16IKControlLogix 16 Point Digital Output Rel
1756OX8IControlLogix 8 Pt Digital Relay Module
1756PA72ControlLogix AC Power Supply
1756PA72KControlLogix AC Power Supply
1756PA75ControlLogix AC Power Supply
1756PA75KControlLogix AC Power Supply
1756PA75RControlLogix AC Redundant Power Supply
1756PAR2ControlLogix Power Supply Bundle
1756PAR2XTExtended Temp AC Redundant Supply Bundle
1756PAXTControlLogix AC XT Power Supply
1756PAXTRExtended Temp AC Redundant Supply
1756PB72ControlLogix 24V DC Power Supply
1756PB72KControlLogix DC Power Supply
1756PB75ControlLogix 24V DC Power Supply
1756PB75KControlLogix DC Power Supply
1756PB75RControlLogix DC Redundant Power Supply
1756PBR2ControlLogix Power Supply Bundle
1756PBR2KControlLogix Power Supply Bundle
1756PBR2XTExtended Temp DC Redundant Supply Bundle
1756PBXTControlLogix 24V DC XT Power Supply
1756PBXTRExtended Temp DC Redundant Supply
1756PC75ControlLogix 48V DC Power Supply
1756PH75ControlLogix 125V DC Power Supply
1756PLSControlLogix Prog Limit Switch Module
1756PSCA2ControlLogix Redundant P S Adaptor
1756PSCA2KControlLogix Adaptor
1756PSCA2XTExtended Temp Redundant Supply Adapter
1756RIOControlLogix Remote I/O Scanner Module
1756RM2ControlLogix Redundancy Enhanced Module
1756RM2KCLX Redundancy Module
1756RM2XTControlLogix Extended Temp Modules
1756RMC1ControlLogix 1 m RM Fiber Optic Cable
1756RMC10ControlLogix 10 m RM Fiber Optic Cable
1756RMC3ControlLogix 3 m RM Fiber Optic Cable
1756SPESMNRML7SP Energy Storage Module-Non Remove
1756SPESMNSEL7SP Energy Storage Module-No Energy
1756SYNCHControlLogix SynchLink Comms Module
1756TBCHControlLogix 36 Pin Screw Terminal Block
1756TBEControlLogix Deep Terminal Block Housing
1756TBNHControlLogix 20 Pin Screw Terminal Block
1756TBS6HControlLogix 36 Pin Spring TRM Block
1756TBSHControlLogix 20 Pin Spring TRM Block
1768CNBCompactLogix L4X ControlNet Module
1768CNBRCompactLogix L4X Redundant CNet Module
1768ENBTCompactLogix L4X EtherNet/IP Module
1768EWEBCompactLogix Enhanced Web Server Module
1768KY1CompactLogix L43/L45 Replacement Key
1768L43CompactLogix L43 2MB Memory Controller
1768L43SCompact GuardLogix CPU L43S 2M/0.5M
1768L45CompactLogix L45 3MB Memory Controller
1768L45SCompact GuardLogix CPU L45S 3M/1M
1768M04SECompactLogix 4 Axis Motion Module
1768PA3CompactLogix L4x AC/DC In Power Supply
1768PB3CompactLogix L4x DC In Power Supply
1769ADNCompactLogix DeviceNet Adaptor Module
1769AENTR1769 Ethernet/IP Adapter
1769ARMCompactLogix Address Reserve Module
1769ASCIICompactLogix ASCII Interface Module
1769BACompactLogix 3V Battery Assembly
1769BOOLEANCompactLogix Boolean Module
1769CJCCompactLogix CJC Temperature Sensor
1769CLL1CMPLX 0.3 m Left to Left Bus Exp Cable
1769CLL3CMPLX 1 m Left to Left Bus Exp Cable
1769CRL1CMPLX 0.3 m Right to Left Bus Exp Cable
1769CRL3CMPLX 1 m Right to Left Bus Exp Cable


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Any enquiry pls send me email or other methods you available. WeChat:Sophia_xtplc whatsapp&mobile: ...
Any enquiry pls send me email or other methods you available. WeChat:Sophia_xtplc whatsapp&mobile: ...
Any enquiry pls send me email or other methods you available. WeChat:Sophia_xtplc whatsapp&mobile: ...
Any enquiry pls send me email or other methods you available. WeChat:Sophia_xtplc whatsapp&mobile: ...
Any enquiry pls send me email or other methods you available. WeChat:Sophia_xtplc whatsapp&mobile: ...
WeChat:Sophia_xtplc whatsapp&mobile: +86-17354319552 E-mail: sophia_9090@163.com skype: sophia_9090...