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Manual / Foot Pedal Suspended Platform

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Manual / Foot Pedal Suspended Platform

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Manual / Foot Pedal Suspended Platform

Pedal Suspended Platform

Performance Advantages
1. The pedal suspended platform is characterized by unique and novel design. The suspended platform goes up and down through operator's pedal force. Without the pedal force, the suspended platform will be automatically locked.
2. The operator can control the lift speed of the pedal suspended platform that operates smoothly during the whole lifting process. Its lifting height is dependent on the length of wire rope.
3. The machine body of pedal suspended platform has simple and reasonable structure and scientific interior design.
4. The wire rope is in -shape within the machine body through specific design. The pedal force can be converted into mechanical drag force through negative force locking technology.
5. Apart from the fundamentally configured combination-type suspension arm, there still have scaffolding-type and clamping-type suspension arms for customers to choose.
6. Users can use the suspended platform from 2m to 6m according to their needs. The pedal suspended platform has the advantages of easy dismounting and convenient transportation, which is very suitable for coating, heat preservation, plastering maintenance, cleaning and other constructions for high-rise building. It is the new mechanical equipment for the operations at height.
7. The product of pedal suspended platform can be divided into two types: type for 2 working persons/ type for 1 working person.


Manual Suspended Platform ZLJP400
Description of Items
Platform size4000*600*1100mm
Load capacity400kgs
Lifting height50m(lift higher, order additional wire rope)
Steel rope (Taiwan Brand rope)7.0mm
Lifting speed6-7m/min
Safety Lock
Inclination angle8
Lifting distance for main shaft of each rotation60mm
MaterialAluminum alloy
Suspension Mechanism (Combinatory Gib Arm)
Front beam overhang1.3-1.5m
Counterweight require400-500kgs
Wire Rope
Final diameter7.0mm
Machine WeightN.W
Suspended platform (including hoist, safety lock, wire rope)240kgs (steel)
Suspension mechanism90kgs
Whole machine weight330kgs (steel)
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