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Address: 39 Hongcao Road, building B, 5th Floor Shanghai, P.R. China

Phone: +86-21-61613336, (61613331)

ShangHai Super Ele&Tec Co.Ltd

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About us
Shanghai Super Electronic Technology Co. Ltd is a well-known high-tech company in the nation, focused on R&D, production, marketing and sales of Radio Frequency Identification products (especially at microwave frequency band). We are located in Shanghai Jiaotong University Huigu high technology center. By utilizing the University's rich resources, we have already designed and manufactured series of Super-RFID products with both most advanced technology in the world and much lower cost than peer companies. We have obtained national anti-explosion certification for mine, and received national and international certifications, such as 3C , Consumer Electronics (CE). We always take full responsibility for customers' special needs, providing integrated solution and excellent service and technical support.
Our SP-D, SP-K series reader/writer and tags have following evident advantages:
Large identification range, adjustable from 2m to 80m Capable of reliably identifying up to 200 tags simultaneously Unique super low power consumption design for tags, continuously work for 6 to 8 years with no need to change battery or recharge Support identification of high speed moving object(up to 200 km /hour) From technical point of view, our superRFID products are different from competitors with the innovative concept of fully activity of tags being applied to series of our products. On the basis of our already built 2.45GHz hardware platform of extremely low power consumption and robustness, we have built the first Real Time Operating System (RTOS) embedded on tag in the world, which is active, event-driven, independent, secure, expandable and with ultra-low power consumption. Functionalities of such integrated hardware and software platform are easy to be expanded. Therefore, our active RFID products show great features, such as long reading range, high anti-collision capability, and long work life of above 5 years. Especially, with the configurable RTOS, we can realize many complicated functions with our tags for industry and consumer applications. We can add all kinds of sensors (temperature, humidity, etc), different indicators (sound/light), on/off signal, etc. to suit to specific applications in various situations.
Our RFID technology is different from WiFi, Zigbee etc since our tag is more robust, able to work independently and stably in harsh industrial environment, no need for maintenance and with lower cost.
Our products have been widely used in many areas in china and all over the world. Our people/equipment tracking and management system have been installed in hundreds of mines in China . Our system of student gate access control and message service system for parents have been running smoothly in many schools and students are wearing our tags every day. And our non-stop vehicle access control system is the most traditional widely used application and customers are already all over the country, such as Beijing Police Department . Our warehouse goods searching system is running in General Electric's warehouses and other companies. Intel is using our system for their CPU production line. Our temperature/humidity tag is applied in Shanghai Liangyou Group(in charge of the entire city's grain storage) wireless sensor network and cold chain transportation for food and vaccines. Our products have seen wide use in construction industry, transportation, logistics, asset management and supply chain too. We have so many successful stories and we are proud of our products to make profits and bring benefits for our clients through different means. And we have new products keeping on releasing.
If you are interested and want to get more details, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Contact information:
Shanghai Super Electronic Technology Co. Ltd
Address: 39 Hongcao Road, building B, 5th Floor
Shanghai, P.R. China
Zip Code: 200233
Phone: +86-21-61613336,(61613331),
Fax: +86-21 61613339
Email: lihuan@superrfid.net

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Company Name: ShangHai Super Ele&Tec Co.Ltd
Province: Shanghai
Country: China
Address: 39 Hongcao Road, building B, 5th Floor Shanghai, P.R. China
Zip: 200233
Website: http://www.superrfid.net/