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PVA Water Soluble Films/Water Soluble Embroider Films

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Product Details

PVA Water Soluble Films
Computer embroidered water soluble membrane

Product specification:

2Rolls/Carton. 30Carton/Pallet.

Water soluble temperature:
low temperature water soluble
middle temperature water soluble
high temperature water soluble
for option.

Water soluble membrane as a temporary carrier can be applied to computerized embroidery, which is used to cushion the bottom of the embroidered cloth (such as the basic operation of the paper lining). As long as it is in the normal temperature water for ten seconds or so, the water soluble glue lining can be completely dissolved and the high quality embroidery pattern can be presented. In order to meet the needs of embroidery industry, our factory is now developing and producing high tech new product fast soluble cold water soluble film. This product is at normal temperature water (15 degrees C).

20 seconds can be completely dissolved, 2 minutes to dissolve completely clean, embroidery without any residue, containing harmless substance, is the traditional high temperature water soluble paper lining to temperatures above 90 degrees can be dissolved, and the heat after boiling embroideries corrugation, make individual products appear off color, time-consuming and not beautiful. The quick solution cold film in our factory is more convenient than the traditional high temperature water soluble paper lining, and the cold water can be completely dissolved and clean, and it can enhance the quality and increment quality of embroidery products.

Product use:

This product is fast soluble and environmental protection cold water soluble film, color is white, with press lines. The product can be melted in 20 seconds at room temperature (15 degrees), and dissolved completely in 2 minutes. There is no residue and no harmful substances on the embroidery, so that the problem of wrinkle, fade and long hours of embroidery is avoided. This product is widely used in all kinds of high grade underwear, fashion and special cloth embroidery

It is a new type of environmentally-friendly packaging material which can be rapidly degraded by natural factors ($literal) through special process processing, which can be modified, decomposed and degraded into low element compounds by natural factors ($literal), and has the effect of improving land. So it belongs to a new type of environmental protection packaging material. In Europe, America, Japan and other countries have been recognized by the environmental sector. Because of its environmental characteristics, it has been widely regarded by the developed world. Foreign pesticides, Chemical industry and other large companies have widely used water-soluble film packaging their products.

Main feature:
1.Excellent water solubility, and the water soluble speed can be designed
2.Good anti-static properties
3.Good permeability for moisture and ammonia gas, good impermeability for oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen
4.Good heat-sealing performance, >200g/cm²
5.Elasticity modulus 2500-400kg/cm², strength of extension 400-200kg/cm², tear strength 200-50kg/cm², elongation 150-200%
6.Good oil resistivity and chemical resistance

Thickness: 0.025mm, 0.035mm, 0.03mm,0.04mm for option
Width: 10 - 1000mm, or custom-made
Elasticity modulus: 2500-400kg/cm²
Strength of extension: 400-200kg/cm²
Tear strength: 200-50kg/cm²
Elongation: 150-200%

Certifications & standards:
No odor, environmental-friendly polyethylene water soluble film
Product: RoHS standard & EN71 safety certification
Raw material: ISO 9001-9002 standard, SGS certificated

Quality index of water soluble film:
1, Appearance: the appearance is basically smooth and flat, there is no obvious dent, convex mark, bubble, impurity, ripple, crack and other defects exist. One:
1).impurity, diameter ≤0.8mm, ≤ 25/m²
2).bubble, diameter ≤1.0mm, quantity ≤ 25/sqm
3).wrinkles, allowing a small amount of
4).End face neat degree, ≤2mm2, size deviation: Width ±2mm, thickness ±0.005mm, length ±1m3, same roll membrane connector: ≤ 2

2.Technical indicators:
1).tensile strength >25 Mpa
2).break elongation rate >180%3) Right angle tearing force >80 kn/m5, water soluble energy: start dissolving for 25 seconds.
3).complete dissolution of 20 minutes without filamentous flake impurities. (Measuring water temperature 25ºC,6cmx6cm flake test)

3.Storage period: two years. (in the case of no moisture in the storage of goods)
4.Special product consultation decision.

Product advantages:

1). The strength of the product is suitable, and it can meet the requirements of various embroidery technology.
2), embossed embroidery needle is designed to ensure that the jumper, not take place, not offset;
3), cold water soluble film elasticity is small, disconnection does not appear when embroidery;
4), environmental protection without any side effects, non-toxic, pollution-free, no formaldehyde;
5), water solution treatment at normal temperature, cloth and embroidery thread is not easy to change color, fade.

Matters needing attention:
1). Prohibit the contact of water, pay attention to the influence of ambient humidity on the water-soluble film, and recommend the use of cold water film embroidery workshop to install air conditioning.
2), the water temperature should be kept at 15-30 C when the film is treated. The dissolved water is sufficient and the liquid water is used as much as possible, so that the treatment will be faster and cleaner.
3), the last time to clean with clean water to prevent material hardening;
4), timely packaging of the remaining cold water soluble film to prevent moisture.

Quality Warranty:
SuperImage affords full quality warranty for our water soluble Film.
For any inferior quality products or loss caused by inferior quality papers products, SuperImage
Will be responsible for products-changing, returning and replacements delivery, as well as related

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